Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's in My Bag? (2014)

Tade sape2 tag saya pon. Cuma nak renew la sket tag ni. Last time buat tahun 2009. Lame tu, berkurun dah. Adakah isi bag masih sama ataupon ada perubahan? Mari kite lihat.

macam biasa, kalo korang nak buat tag ni, silakan lah. toksah tunggu saya tag korang. :P

1. declare what's in your bag (doesn't matter your wallet/purse, sling bag/hand bag/etc).
2. snap pictures of the content of your bags and explain why they are there.

ok ni rupe bag saya. bag dah berubah, tapi tetap jugak sling bag ye? ehehe. bag ni saya beli masa pegi holiday kat Shanghai tahun 2013 yang lepas. saya pegi Shanghai dengan mak. singgah dekat 1 mall besar jual pure leather goods. so ini salah 1 dari pembelian saya lah. :P

mari tgk contents nye...

kat belah dalam ade 3 compartment. saya akan organize elok2, supaya senang nak seluk dan amik barang. tayah nak cari-cari macam harta karun. sebab bag macam ni, memang tricky sket kalo tak susun elok-elok, macam bottomless pit gitu. eheheh.

1st Compartment (from left to right)
- notebook with pen attached
- samsung galaxy s4
- small towel for toilet usage
- tissues
- revlon just bitten kissable balm stain (001 honey deuce)

2nd Compartment (from left to right)
- small towel for face
- socks for prayer
- small bag containing a few more packets of tissues
- red purse (refer below for contents)
- pink coin purse (refer below for contents)
- prescription glasses with casing
- powerbank with micro USB cable
- digital camera (just the casing coz i'm using the camera to shoot all these photos)

Contents of Purse (from left to right)
- purse with money
- coin purse with coins
- a small note with my details (name + contact number) just in case my purse goes missing so whoever finds it will know how to return it to me
- ID card, driving license
- debit card, credit card, etc

Contents of Coin Purse (from left to right)
* this coin purse does not contain any coins :P
- magic lip colour
- maybelline baby lip balm mango pie
- mobile screen cleaner
- pins and brooches
- vicks inhaler for stuffy nose
- lens cleaning cloth

3rd Compartment  (from left to right)
- 2 recycling bags
- mini face powder
- mints
- sweets

last compartment, ada kat belah luar

Outside zipper  (from left to right)
- notepad
- a note with important phone numbers, just in case i lose my phone. i don't remember everybody's number. do you? :P
- blotting paper for oily face
- powder pack which i barely use
- lens cleaning cloth
- 2 pens: 1 blue and 1 black.


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