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The Food Etiquette of Various Countries

Eating seems like one of the most basic and easy rituals doesn't it? You eat, you thank the cook, you don't speak with your mouth full, and you try to use cutlery unless it's the kind of food you eat with your hands. These are the rules I was taught. But not only are these rules not written in stone, they can be quite different, depending on where in the world you are eating at the moment.

Some of these rules don't make sense to me at all, and some I actually find a nice and polite addition to table manners. See for yourself, which would you adopt?

INDIA and MALAYSIA: Banana leaf rice are eaten with hand. After the meal, the guest must always fold the banana leaf inwards as a sign of gratitude to the host, even when the host is the proprietor of an eatery. However, when meals are served at funeral wakes, the leaf is folded outwards as a sign of condolence to the family of the deceased. Some Malaysians of non-Indian origin sometimes fold their banana leaf outward as a sign of dissatisfaction with an eatery's banana leaf meal. This is due to the erroneous belief that folding the leaf inwards or outwards is a way of rating the meal.

KOREA : Don't start eating until the oldest person (eldest male) at the table starts.

JAMAICA : People believe that if children eat chicken before they can speak, they will never talk. So don't feed chicken to babies.

SOUTH KOREA : When you drink something, turn your head and look away.

FRANCE : You should never split a bill. You either pay the whole thing or pay nothing. Anything else is considered unsophisticated.

NIGERIA : People belive that children who eat eggs will turn into thieves. So, just like Jamaica, be careful what you offer to children.

EGYPT: Don't even pick up the salt shaker. It will insult the chef.

CHINA : You should never point at people with your chopsticks. Doing so is a serious insult.

RUSSIA : Empty bottles of vodka should always be placed on the ground. Putting it back on the table is seen as bad luck.

KAZAKSTAN : You will be served tea but only half of a cup. Don't ask for more because a full cup means that the host wants you to leave.

GERMANY : The only acceptable food to be eaten with fingers is bread.

RUSSIA : Never lick off your knife. It is considered extremely rude.

ITALY : Always politely decline the first offering of food. Upon the inevitable second offering, always accept.

UK : You should always tilt a bowl of soup away from you. You should spoon the soup away from you as well.

CHILE : Don't eat anything with your hands.. ever.. not even pizza.

ESTONIA : Make sure you kiss any bread that falls on the groung before throwing it away.

CHINA : You should never cut your noodles. Long noodles symbolize long life and cutting your noodles symbolized, well... short life.

MOST MUSLIM COUNTRIES: Eat your food with your right hand, not with your left. The left is reserved for bathroom hygiene so using it for eating is considered unclean.

INDONESIA : You should keep both hands on the table at all times.

TANZANIA : It is considered rude to be on time for dinner. You should be between 15 to 30 minutes late. If you come early, you'll insult the host.

JAPAN : Chopstiks are used to pass boned during cremation funerals, so they should never be used to pass food.

FRANCE : Do not rush through your meal. It is considered rude.

ITALY : You should never for extra cheese unless it is offered to you. The cheese your pizza comes with will have to do. If you ask for extra cheese, you may insult the chef's cooking skills.

JAPAN and CHINA : Never leave chopsticks vertically in your food. This is typically done as an offering to the dead by families at home but in a restaurant it is seen as cursing the owner.

AZERBAIJAN : Do not spill the salt because it means you are about to quarrel. Sugar is usually sprinkled on the salt to counter this.

FRANCE : Do not leave food on your plate or ask for a box. This implies that you did not enjoy the meal.

PORTUGAL : You shouldn't ask for salt and pepper if they are not already on the table. It is considered offensive to chef's seasoning abilities.

ENGLAND : Bananas should be eaten with a fork and knife.

FRANCE : If you want to appear "cultured", you shouldn't cut your salad with a knife. The lettuce leaves are typically folded onto your fork.

CANADA : The Inuit people will fart after meals to express their appreciation of the food.

JAPAN : Finishing your plate signals that the meal was good and you are done with your meal.

PHILIPPINES, CAMBODIA, KOREA, EGYPT : Finishing all the food on your plate signifies to the host that they did not feed you enough

SOME PARTS OF ASIA (JAPAN) : Slurping while eating noodles is considered polite.

MIDDLE EAST : If you ever find yourself drinking coffee with Bedouins in the Middle East, make sure to shake your cup when you are finished otherwise they will keep pouring you more.

RUSSIAN : Hardly anything should be mixed with vodka, not even ice. It would be seen as contaminated its purity.

KOREA : Drinks from elders are accepted with both hands.

CHINA : Flipping the fish over while cooking is viewed as bad luck, as though saying the fisherman's boat is going to capsize.

FRANCE : French people don't eat the bread as an appetizer. They either eat it with their meal or after.

FRANCE : The bread is typically placed directly on the table rather than on a plate.

MEXICO : You should never eat tacos with a fork and knife. It's kind of like eating burger with silverware.

CHINA : You should burp at the dinner table if you enjoyed the food.

THAILAND : Don't put your fork in your mouth when eating. Use it to put the food on your and eat from that.

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