Saturday, April 26, 2014

Newborn Cries - The Five Cries You Need to Know

Your baby's cries aren't just gibberish. Baby is actually talking to you! Train yourself to understand the sounds with the Dunstan Baby Language System created by Priscilla Dunstan.

The 5 words baby use are:
1. NEH = Hungry
2. OWH = Sleepy/Tired
3. HEH = Discomfort
4. EAIRH = Lower Gas
5. EH = Burp

NEH means I'm Hungry!
If you hear your baby make a “neh” or a “nah” sound that means it’s feeding time. The most important part of this is the “n” sound at the beginning, so listen for that.

OWH means I'm Tired
Time for bed! The sound your baby will make when she is tired is similar to the noise produced by yawning, and her mouth will form an oval shape. Try these tips to help your little one nod off.

HEH means I'm Uncomfortable!
When Baby is experiencing discomfort, you will hear a breathy “heh” sound. Sometimes, this will be a repetitious “heh-heh-heh” or “ha-ha-ha-ha.” Now, you must assess what’s making Baby uncomfortable. Is she hot? Cold? Need a diaper change?

EAIRH means I'm Gassy
“Eairh” means Baby is gassy and needs relief. It can also sound like “eeerrrhhh” or “air.” You’ll recognize a lower and more urgent sound when the muscles around Baby’s abdomen constrict. If you haven’t been burping Baby at the “eh,” you will soon hear “eairh.”

EH means Burp Me
Get out the cloths; Baby needs to be burped! The “eh” sound is produced when the muscles in Baby’s chest tighten. Sometimes you will hear a more repetitive, staccato “eh-eh-eh-eh.”

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