Monday, April 21, 2014

My Crizal Forte UV Lenses by Essilor

note: this post was long overdue. happened about a month ago. :P

It is about time to get new pair of prescription glasses as I had been carrying mine for almost three years.Three years would be the longest I've gone without changing my glasses. I have been eyeing to try out Crizal Forte UV Lenses by Essilor after reading a review done by Plus Size Kitten about a year ago. And not forgetting the dust test and oil test they did HERE.

I was waiting for the feeling of dizziness (most probably due to a significant power difference between my current eyeglasses, which meant my power has gone down or increased) in order to buy a new pair. I started feeling dizzy on the 7th of March 2014. This time I definitely know what type of lenses I wanted.

Crizal Forte UV Lenses is ultra-efficient in defeating the 5 enemies of clear vision:
1. Glare/Reflection
2. Scratches
3. Smudges
4. Dust
5. Water
... and not forgetting UV ray and fog! There's also an option to add in transition.

Just look at their TV advert. Don't tell me you're not impressed. :P


So the following day, I went to my usual spot where I always make my glasses. I did visit them a few weeks before to ask whether they carry Essilor lenses, and fortunately they did, I told them I'll come visit them again when the time comes. :P

I did the eye test, then proceed in selecting a new frame. I'll always choose the same solid black half rectangle frame that suit my face the best. Didn't think anything shiny would look good on me, so matte frames is the safest option. After trying a few pairs, I settled on Goggles frame; it was the lightest, most flexible frame out of the bunch. It doesn't hurt my ears and nose when I tried it on.

Crizal Forte UV lenses with transition ~ RM 780
Goggles frame ~ RM 300
Total = RM 1080

I received my new glasses after a week. Here it is!

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