Wednesday, November 06, 2013

ISFJ Strengths and Weaknesses

ISFJ strengths

. Very supportive. ISFJs are always willing to help other people, sharing their knowledge and experience with their colleagues, classmates or friends. People with this personality type strive for win-win situations, choosing empathy over judgment wherever possible.
. Enthusiastic. ISFJ personalities want to make a difference and are willing to spend a lot of time and effort fighting for or contributing to a worthy cause. It does not really matter if that is a simple task or a global initiative, the ISFJ will jump right in if the idea is aligned with their goals.
. Loyal and hard-working. ISFJs are very loyal and often get emotionally attached to a specific idea or a company. They will work very hard and do everything they can to meet their obligations.
Imaginative and observant. People with the ISFJ personality type have their feet firmly planted on the ground, but they are also very imaginative, especially if something fascinates and inspires them. Furthermore, ISFJs also tend to be very observant individuals, able to pick up the smallest cues, especially when it comes to someone else’s emotional state.
. Reliable and patient. ISFJs are meticulous and careful individuals, always making sure that their work is completed to the highest standard and sometimes even going beyond what is required.
. Good practical skills. ISFJ personalities have no difficulties handling practical tasks. Their sense of beauty and harmony is unmatched, and they do not shy away from mundane, routine tasks – not surprisingly, ISFJs are great family people, always able and willing to take care of their loved ones.

ISFJ weaknesses

. Humble and shy. ISFJs are often reluctant to say what they truly think or present their achievements, especially in a competitive environment. This can hinder their career progress and cause frustration and disappointment.
. Overload themselves. ISFJs’ perfectionism, combined with their strong sense of duty, often pushes them to take on too much work – and as already discussed above, ISFJs always want to make sure that everything is completed perfectly. Not surprisingly, this can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for an ISFJ, especially if other people abuse their good nature.
. Take many things too personally. ISFJs are very sensitive to conflict and criticism, taking critical comments very personally. They may also have difficulties separating their professional and personal lives, allowing their worries about work affect everything else.
. Reluctant to change. ISFJ personalities value traditions very highly and may be unwilling to try out new things or change their habits, even when that would make sense from the rational perspective.
. Too altruistic. ISFJs tend to be very good-natured, warm individuals and they are likely to find it difficult to refuse requests for help. Unfortunately, this often results in the ISFJ getting overloaded with other people’s work or problems.
. Repress their feelings. People with this personality type are private and even somewhat shy – not surprisingly, they tend to repress their feelings instead of expressing them in a healthy way. This in turn increases their stress levels and can cause a lot of frustration further down the road.

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