Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to Make a Perfect Round Egg

You have to try this!


So I attempted to do this the other day. My onion was not that big, so it could not contain 1 whole egg, so I had to use 2 slices of onion. One had the yolk with a bit of egg white, and the other had the remaining of the egg whites.

Make sure to crack the egg into a small cup, don't crack it over the stove, coz you never know, your whole egg might not fit in the onion, it may overflow. With a bit of oil in the pan, cook the onion slices for a minute before adding the egg, don't let it cook until too soft. By doing this, this will prevent from the egg from sipping out. Once that is done, pour the egg, don't let it overflow. Cover the pan with a lid to cook both sides, turn the flame to low. Wait a couple of minutes and it should cook through. Serve hot. :P

Here's what mine looks like.


Besides onions, you can also use bell peppers!

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