Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Pros & Cons of Being Tall


When I was still in school, I remember...- I couldn't buy ready made school uniforms off the rack, coz if I were to wear the S or M size, it would be the right width but the length would be too short for me. If I were to wear the L or XL, the length would be just right, but it would be too wide for me. So, I had to get my school uniforms tailor made since I was 7 years old.
- whenever I ride the mini bus, there was no way for me to sit comfortably with my legs straight, so normally I would just choose to stand. If the journey was far, I would sit with my knees up against the front seat, or choose to sit near the aisle so I could sit sideways (with my legs hanging out the aisle). :P

- Buying clothes isn't a big issue anymore, since I'm not considered that tall. However, I do find myself buying larger shirt sizes as my arms are unusually long.
- Riding airplanes can be uncomfortable, especially when the gap between the seats are not that wide. I had to sit up straight to accommodate my long legs. :(

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