Sunday, June 09, 2013

I Look Nothing Like My MyKad Photo

note: The conversation was in 100% in English, because the Doctor doesn't know Malay, he's from Egypt. :P

I was at the clinic for my second injection for Hepatitis B immunisation. Below was my conversation between me and the doctor. :P

As I opened the door, and entered the room.

Me: Assalamualaikum.
Doc: Waalaikumsalam.

The doctor was looking at his computer screen, looking at my details which also displays my MyKad photo.

Doc: You are Madihah?
Me: Yes. I'm Madihah.

The doctor kept on looking at my face and then the computer screen to make sure.

Doc: Are you sure, you're Madihah?
Me: Err.. of coz I'm sure.
Doc: Is this really you? You look really different! *points towards my MyKad photo on the screen*
Me: Oh. That photo was taken ages ago. It's because I loss a lot of weight.
Doc: What was your weight in this photo, and how much do you weigh now?
Me: In the photo, I was more than 70 kilos, and now I'm 55 kg. 

The doctor looks so concern. I was confused by his reaction.

Doc: What year was this photo taken?
Me: Erm, I don't quite remember but it was before 2006.
Doc: Was it a sudden weight loss or you loss the weight gradually?
Me: I started to lose weight end of 2006. I wasn't sick or anything, I just change my eating habits, so because of that I loss weight. I loss all the weight within 10 months. 

I think the doctor thought I loss weight because I was sick or something. He probably think I had plastic survery done. No wonder so many questions. This is my first time meeting him. I normally deal with another 2 doctors at the same clinic.

Doc: You really do look different. You need to replace your Mykad, take a new photo.
Me: Haha. I was planning to do that this year. 

The doctor wasn't the first person to say I look nothing like my MyKad photo. Haha.

Unfortunately, the conversation didn't end there. The nurse failed to inform the doctor why I was there in the first place. So I had to explain myself on why I was there, and why I wanted to have it.


Fuh. That was the longest conversation of my life. At this rate, I'll be speaking more than 100 words per day. I'm not sure whether I like it. :))

The first person who told me I looked different and ask me to change my Mykad photo is the guy working at Pos Laju. I was there to collect my parcel, and obviously I need to hand over my MyKad, and the same thing happen there. Well, at least the conversation wasn't as long, and didn't even say anything.

Pos Laju Guy: You look nothing like this photo. You need to upgrade your MyKad. You do know that there's a new upgraded version of MyKad already out, right?
Me: *smile awkwardly while nodding my head*


A normal occurrence, is when people know my real age, they get all, "No way.. you're bluffing. I thought you were 18!". Sometimes, they seem angry at me for deceiving them with my looks. And I'm like, "What did I do wrong?" :-s

Thank God, I don't have to show my MyKad photo everywhere I go, if not, I have to deal with another problem everyday of my life.


Anyway, that MyKad photo wasn't my best photo because I wasn't even ready when the photo was taken.

You know, when they call your name, and you have to sit on a chair right. Ok. It was my turn, I walked towards the chair, and sat down, and out of nowhere... *SNAP!* I think I was even trying to shift a bit to get comfortable on the chair. So my shoulders were slightly raised in the photo. The photo turned out horrible. I looked so pissed in that photo, and I had no neck. Huhuhuhu.

Can you imagine? The person handling the camera didn't even count 1-2-3. Dang it. And to make matters worst, only 1 photo per person. Really?

For many years, I had to live with an ugly ID photo, and now that photo doesn't even look like me anymore. Oh God...

I really hope, JPN would change the procedure. I don't want to snap a photo right in front of everybody else (that's just weird). I prefer if we could bring our own photo, you know the same procedure when applying and renewing passports.

I'm not the most photogenic person in the world. I really need to be ready and I need to feel comfortable inside to look good outside. At least give me a few extra snaps so that I get a better selection of photos, like maybe.. 10 to 20 snaps to get at least 1 good shot of myself? Hahah... :P

Seriously, I'm not joking. :|



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