Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cooking an egg without oil or butter

//last updated: 8 July 2012

Now it is possible to cook eggs without adding any extra fat your diet. How?

By using the Magic Grill Pan Are-Ikan a.k.a Pemanggang Ajaib Are-Ikan. :))

You may noticed that I've done a few recipes using the Magic Grill Pan also without having to rely on oil or butter.

Here's how my egg looks like. The egg did not stick to the pan at all!

Oh ya, before you guys mess up, I'm using the other side of the pan, the smoother part, not the side with grill marks. Since the pan won't be able to balanced itself when you're using the top part of the pan (since the bottom part is heavier than the top), you can cover the pan for a few seconds, and walllah.. when you open the lid, the egg is just perfect - yolk still runny. It didn't take long for me to heat the pan.

I'm thinking of making an omelette soon. *drool*

//update: i made an omelette!


//updated: added a new photo of fried egg. this time i cracked the egg without breaking it, so this fried egg looks better than the 1st one. :P

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