Friday, September 02, 2011

Homemade Tiramisu

Original recipe yield 24 servings.
This recipe is able to fill 2 shallow serving bowls or 1 trifle bowl.


(a) Cheese Layer

1/2 cup of castor sugar ~ I normally use 3/4 cup
250 g of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (1 block)
400 ml Whipping cream (2 boxes)

(b) Biscuit Layer

1 pack of Forno Bonomi Savoiardi Ladyfingers (24 sticks /400g)
250 ml fresh milk
2 tablespoon of Milo (replacement for coffee. feel free to use coffee instead of Milo)

(c) Chocolate Dusting

1 tablespoon Milo, for dusting in between each layers


(a) Cream Cheese Filling

Whisk sugar with cream cheese until creamy. Add in whipping cream, whip until you get soft peaks. Set aside.

Note to self: Please use K beater for creaming and whipping. Do not use the Whisk, you will never get soft peaks if you use the Whisk.

(b) Chocolate Mixture

Mix the 250 ml fresh milk with Milo until you get a well blended chocolate mixture.

(c) Assemble Tiramisu

1. Dip each lady fingers into the chocolate mixture and line the bottom of your serving bowl.
2. Spoon quarter of the cream cheese filling over the lady fingers. Garnish 1 tablespoon of Milo (sifted).
3. Repeat #2 for the second layer of tiramisu.
4. If you're using a trifle bowl, you may continue doing the third and forth layer in the same bowl. If you're using a shallow bowl, repeat #1 to #3 in a new serving bowl. :P
5. Refrigerate for at least 6 hours or overnight.

* note: my serving bowl was able to fit in 6 lady fingers for each layer. feel free to adjust the amount of lady fingers used based on the size of your serving bowl.

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