Monday, April 11, 2011

Get 2 new Maybankards just by a click of a button!

The weird thing about me is, I have several Maybank accounts but I currently own a credit card from CIMB. So whenever I want to pay my credit card bills, I'll be spending an extra RM2 for service charge. Such a waste of money!

Why on earth didn't I register for a Maybank credit card instead? Coz I was too lazy to go to the bank and fill up forms.. that's my reason. :))

If only I could register online, and get it delivered to my doorstep!

What I did not realised, Maybank has this brand new Maybankard and Maybank has made it easier for us.

. It only takes just a click of a button to get 2 new Maybankards delivered to my doorstep.
. There's no annual fee at all for Maybankard, forever!
. And with Maybankard, I can start to buy stuffs through online now and I will get 5% cash back. That's like earning money by spending.

I bet you didn't know about all these either, do you? Well, now you know.

If you're interested in getting 2 cards of Maybankard in Platinum and Gold, you can do so by visiting Maybankard website.

As you can see from the image below, I've already registered mine ! :D



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