Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 1: Trip to Seoul, South Korea

Date: 20th November 2010

Annyeonghaseyo! This will be my first blog entry on my Trip to Korea! I went on a 6 days + 4 nights trip to Seoul, Korea with my parents. The tour package was with Triways Travel Network.

For my Day 1 food diary, pls go here.

Our flight was at 1.55 pm, so by 9.30 am we had to leave our house to KL Sentral. From KL sentral we boarded the Skybus and reached LCCT around 10.30 am. Had our breakfast at Mcdonalds and waited for our flight. I tapau-ed Hot & Roll Chicken Cheese, 1 each just in case we got hungry during our long flight. Hoho. Yeah, I know no food & drinks on board Air Asia flights, but who cares? >:)

My dad booked the flight tickets and I bought the seats. I purposely chose 30A, 30B and 30C for both our flights, since those seats are quite near the lavatory, located on the wings and nearest to the exit. Fact: The wings are the strongest part of the airplane. :P

We had prebooked our flight meals, and my dad chose Asian Meal. Our lunch was Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice. We were given 1 small pack of chilli sauce and a 300 ml mineral water.

We landed at Incheon Airport at 9.15 pm korean time. We had to go down a few escalators to get to the train, and later went up a few more escalators, and then a few more walkalators to reach the immigration area. It was a really good workout! :))

Later, we collected our luggages, and waited for the whole group before boarding our bus. While we waited, I saw something that intrigued me. You know that you've reached to a Japanese or Korean country when you see fake food displayed in front of an eatery. :P

We reached our hotel a few minutes before midnight. We stayed at Seoul Leisure Hotel. You may read my review on the hotel - HERE. If you can't see my review, it might still be pending for review. Our room had a double bed, and 2 single beds. I slept on the double bed. >:)

We ate a light supper before heading to bed. Day 2 tour starts at 8 am! Had to wake really early. Off to bed. Zzz...

For the rest of the photos of Day 1, click here.

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