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Beijing Trip : Day 5

Date: 18th May 2010

If you want to know what i ate the whole day for Day 5 pls head to my food diary.

Our flight back to Malaysia was at 9am, so we had to check out by 5.30 am and boarded the bus to go to the airport at 6 am.

Just a note to anyone who wants to travel to a foreign country, pls check the hotel review before coming. why? ehehee. it doesn't hurt to come prepared. in my case, i'm was very well prepared. eventho i got the itineraries a wee bit late, it was like a day before our departure, i did a quick search on the hotel and the places we were going to visit. and i found out that the hotel that we were going to stay in had this silly scam going on.

pls read the snippet below, i found that on :)

as u see from what mamacun has written, the hotel staff actually brought down and showed her an old pillowcase which she didn't even slept on, and asked her to pay for it.

my tour group wasn't spared from this scam. it was pretty embarrasing.. wait aa.. i'm going to tell u in detail what happened.

as always, me and mum was among the 1st who came down the lobby. so we checked out early, and had no problem whatsoever. i checked before leaving, to make sure, everything was nice and clean, we even made the bed and rearranged everything back in order before we left the room.

as u all know, the routine for every hotel, they will check the rooms to see whether we took anything that weren't suppose to be taken, and to check whether there were any damages, correct?

but in Beijing, China, they.. erm.. took it to a different level. they don't just check on the damages, but also.. the cleanliness of ur rooms. ehehe.

2 families from our tour group was unfortunate, and was humiliated at the hotel lobby.

scene 1:
one of our tour group consist of a family of 3: parents and 1 young female adult. and it so happens that the girl was having her period, and she kind of ermm.. soiled the bed sheet. there were a few blood stains left on the bed sheet. there were like 3 small tiny dots. the hotel staff was more than happy to actually bring down the ACTUAL bed sheet to show them the blood stains. i was seating at the corner, witnessing everything from far, but knew what was going on coz i came prepared. the staff gave the girl 2 choices: either to wash the stains out, or.. pay 50 Yuan for the 'damages'. to me it was really silly bcoz.. wasn't it the cleaners job to wash the sheets? why ask the hotel guests to do such things? and to actually ask these people to wash the bed sheet, thats just so humiliating. T_T

scene 2:
a married couple from our tour group was also scammed. he and his wife had left 1 towel.. again with blood stains. people? why don't u wash ur blood stains?? i'm scolding them as well, bcoz if i were them, and i realised that i left stains, doesn't matter if it was my own towel or the hotels towel, i would definitely wash it out before leaving it for the cleaners to do their job. i'm not really keen on using towels or sleeping on bed sheets with stains on. well thats just me. even at my own house i practise the same habit, so i'll do the same no matter where i am. the husband was nice enough to admit that it was blood from his shaving and not period stains. (i know for a fact that his wife was also having her menses at the time. ehehe.) so, again, the rules was to wash it out or pay 50 yuan. the husband at first attempted to wash the blood stains out but he accidently used the henna shampoo as soap, no knowing that the shampoo will leave more stains on the towel, ehhee. so alas, he gave up.. and just paid 50 Yuan to the hotel. we were running late anyways. all of us were already waiting for him in the bus.

ok.. thats the story. pretty embarrassing huh?

here's some visual for ur pleasure. that is NOT the actual towel and bed sheet. both were from Google Images. :D

source of photos: here and here.

back to the story, we reached the airport around 7-ish. and went to check it. i was like a leader and lead everybody else to the check-in counter. it was pretty funny. somehow, i'm always at the front of the pack, leading everybody else. and this is my first time in Beijing. :))

oh ya.. since i came to Beijing only with my mum, and the rest of the pack had MALES to help them carry heavy stuff, i have to be really strong and really tough when handling our luggage.. there was nobody to help. ok ok, our leader did help a bit, but i didn't need nobody's help. just felt that, its my bag, so i'll carry it.

all of the other ladies were like doing nothing and just kept on looking at their male partners doing all the hard work, and i was the only girl who was busy helping the male. it was a really weird moment for me. i'm pretty used at being independent, so this is the first time seeing ladies who rely 100% on their male partners. i'm not liking it.. i don't know why. it just makes female look so weak!

we boarded the plane at 9 am, but the plane was delayed. we couldn't take off. the runway was super busy. traffic jam loh! we were delayed for 1 hour. we took off at 10 am. so that means, we'll be landing at around 3.15 pm.

i took the opportunity to pray Zuhur + Asar on the plane. pretty glad that most of the people in my row were all sleeping, so it wasn't really that weird had to sujud and rukuk in the seat. ehhe.

food was good. unfortunately there wasn't any ice cream this time. my neighbour.. Umi, even ask the flight attendant, "where is the ice cream?". ehhee. "sorry no ice cream madam. ice cream will only be served on flights from KUL -> Beijing". :(

oh ya.. about food, reminded me of something. before breakfast was served, i went to the toilet to do my thing. and when it was time for me to exit, i opened the door, and BAMM! directly in from of my door was hot steaming croissants. :))

i couldn't get out bcoz the food cart was blocking my way out. it was hilarious. i also had this naughty thought to steal extra croissants while i waited for the cart to move. while i waited, i mumbled quite loudly, "elo, i'm trapped in the toilet. pls let me out." hahaha. i think the flight attendant heard me, and reversed the food cart to give me some space to exit. but since my seat was at the front of the plane, i had to squished myself in between one of the seat to make way for him and the food cart, so that i could get back to my seat. eheh. u owe me one extra croissant mister! :))

the choices for breakfast this time was.. either Chicken with Rice or Fish Pasta. Both of us (me and mum) wanted Chicken with Rice. We were really hungry, needed some rice. it was damn good! the croissants were lovely too!

snacks was.. again sandwiches. but it wasn't as pretty looking like the sandwiches i got on Day 1. it was just a plain white bread with coleslaw as the filling. taste good tho. maybe it was bcoz we were hungry? everything tastes good when u're hungry, rite? ehehe.

Do you know that u can still donate to charity even while in the sky? eheh. pls donate ok? i've done my part during both flights.. O:)

ok it was nearing 3 pm, so we got our stuff ready, even folded our blankets. and waited. i wasn't wearing a watch so i wasn't aware of the time. my mum told me it was already 4 pm, and still the plane had not landed. something was up. i could feel that the plane was descending but.. what took so long? i peered out the window, the left side of the plane had really dark clouds, and the right side of the plane had white puffy clouds. the weather must be half bad? hahaha. at last at 5.30 pm we landed. not at KLIA, but at Changi Airport. hahahhaa.

the scene was like this. nearing landing, i saw the view of the ground and clearly it wasn't Malaysia. altho i was sitting in the middle aisle, i didn't have a good view of the outside, but i did manage to catch a few quick glances out the window. i knew that KLIA was not near any sea/water. but this airport in particular was so closed to the sea. so i just sat there and waited for the pilot's announcement. other people in the plane was already standing up and pulling out their carry-on bags. i snickered to myself. :))

a few minutes later..

pilot: "ladies and gentlemen. we had landed at Changi Airport, Singapore..
everybody on the plane: "wah lio?".. "what?".. "lorr.. ingatkan dah sampai m'sia.".."aiyoo".. lots of people complaining.
pilot: ..due to bad weather in KLIA. Hopefully we will be able to continue our journey in an hours time. Thank you."
some random guy shouted: WELCOME TO SINGAPORE!!
every on the plane: wahahhahaa..

so everybody waited and waited. at 7.30 pm the plane took off. landed at KLIA around 8.30 pm.

i'm really glad m'sia has the auto-gate, if not we had to queue up. it was quick! i usually get very excited everytime we had the chance to use the auto-gate. felt damn proud being a m'sian. all the foreigners were eyeing us.. in jealousy, as we walked pass them. :))

we passed thru the temperature detector for H1N1, and it was switched ON, and there were people monitoring each and everyone that passed through it. ehem! unlike Beijing Airport. :P

we waited for our luggages. after that, we stopped by at the surau to pray Maghrib + Isyak. Then, we headed home. arrived home around 10 pm. dead tired meh. T_T


a few things i learn about Beijing. i may add more..

1. when the whether is cold/raining, the policy is to switch off all AC in all hotels throughout Beijing (or maybe whole of China?). this is to save electricity. :P

2. if the temperature is above 40°C, it will be a public holiday. but the weather newscaster were asked to always report any temperature above 40°C, as below 40°C. if not, there'll be no one working for the whole summer. :D

3. most/all of public toilets do not provide water for washing purposes, so bring baby/feminine wipes! yes.. i came prepared. :P

4. some public toilet don't even have doors, but Chinese aren't shy. they can even talk to their opposite/next door neighbours while doing their 'business'. some toilet are equipped with doors, but they purposely let their friend stand in front of the door, helping and guiding them to do their 'business'. its common if the person is a kid, but the one i saw were all grown-ups! :-s

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