Monday, May 31, 2010

Beijing Trip : Day 4

Date : 17th May 2010

If you want to know what i ate the whole day for Day 4 pls head to my food diary.

if u take a look at my breakfast (below), it looks pretty healthy. hahaha. as a muslim, travelling to a country which halal food is quite limited, we opt to eat fruits, salads, cereal and boiled egg (almost every single day).
the milk here, is HOT. they don't serve fresh milk but hot milk, which means it was made using powdered milk. i'm not such a big fan of powdered milk, but it doesn't taste that weird. it was quite watery. hopefully there wasn't any, err.. melanine in the milk (?) :-s

places to go today..
1. forbidden city
2. tian'an men square
3. dr. tea
4. chinese muslim restaurant to eat lunch
5. drop by mosque to pray
6. underground jewelry store
7. olympic national stadium outlook
8. knife store
9. Sanlitun Yashow market
10. chinese muslim restaurant to eat dinner

i didn't take any videos for Day 4, bcoz my memory card was almost full. so i only have a few photos to show u. a bit of warning, u'll be seeing lots of photos of my mum below. hahaha. my mum does not know how to take photos, so u won't be seeing many photos with me in it. T_T

i let the pictures do the talking (sebenarnye malas nak explain). :))

haha.. photo below.. someone commented why is the person on the most right, her head is different from the rest? hahahahah. thats Stick-Dieha. the comic version of me! i chose to replace my own head with Sticks-Dieha's head becoz, the photo was so small, u couldn't see my face clearly. so what the heck.. just replace my head with Stick-Dieha to make it obvious! i'm the tallest in the group btw, with / without Stick-Dieha super huge head. :D

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