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Beijing Trip : Day 3

Date : 16th May 2010

If you want to know what i ate the whole day for Day 3 pls head to my food diary.

ok. on Day 3, we had breakfast a little early to avoid the crowd. yesterday, we had to share tables with other people. ehehe. so today, we went down at 6.15 am but unfortunately, breakfast was not yet ready. breakfast starts at 6.30 am, so we had to wait 15 minutes. this time we sat at a table for 2, no need to share with other people. >:)

the schedule for today was the same as yesterday. tour bus will leave at 8.30 am. some of the places to visit for today were swapped with Day 4 bcoz it was raining, so it wasn't a good time to visit Forbidden City + Tian'an Men Square on a rainy day. Vivian has told us about this yesterday. We will also be going to the Olmpic National Stadium on Day 4.

places to go today..
1. summer palace
2. pearl center
3. Chinese Traditional Foot Massage in Chinese Herbal Medicine Center
4. chinese muslim restaurant to eat lunch
5. drop by mosque to pray
6. silk factory
7. knife store
8. market (?)
9. chinese muslim restaurant to eat dinner

i'm going to let the pictures and videos do the talking. i've been writing lengthy post all this while. starting to feel a bit tired. :P

next stop, pearl center aka freesky pearls.

a non edited video of me applying the pearl cream/gel. sorry the video is a bit shaky. it was hard to hold a camera 1 hand a apply cream/gel using 1 hand. :-s

oh ya, the white cream is for whitening, and the clear gel is for wrinkles/eye bags. we didn't buy anything from this place. :P

next stop was the Chinese Traditional FREE Foot Massage. its FREE, kind off. if u don't show any interest in buying their products, they will literally stop massaging u immediately, and sulk in the corner. so to get that free foot massage along with a back massage plus hand massage, fool them in thinking that u're going to buy their products. ehehe.

1st off, we had to soak our feet first for several minutes while listening to one of the representative explaining on the function/benefits of the Centre. during the olympics, all athletes come here to rejuvenate. :P

our feet were soaked in a 40°C water and theres 1 small 'teabag' containing Chinese herbs. we were suppose to step on the bags and squished them all around to let the herbs escape into the water.

after soaking our feet, each of us got a personal masseuse. my masseuse couldn't speak english, but my mum's masseuse could.. so she let her friend translate for her. she said that my feet was good. nothing wrong with them. *proud* my mum, obviously bcoz of old age, have tons of problem. hahaha.

besides giving me a foot massage, she also gave me a back massage.. and did the stretchy thing.. i was laughing all the way.. in pain. hahaha. before i came here, i couldn't even bent down (rukuk). after getting the massage, i could bent down without any problem.

well actually we did bought something. my mum bought the herb for feet soaking, and i bought the hot oil. :))

next was lunch time. and then stopped by to a mosque to pray.

next was.. silk factory + knife store. nothing much to say, it become pretty boring, i'm not much of a shopper, so going to these places and hearing people promoting and forcing u to buy stuff kind of drains me. hahaha.

then we went to the market to buy more things. this time we bought some collared tshirt for dad and bro and a dress and shirt for pika. that's all i think. they gave us 2 hours to shop, and we were done in less than an hour. since we have a lot of time left to spare, so went to the top floor to have a drink. there's a food court on the top floor. they use the card system, which is quite troublesome. had to buy the card 1st and then order ur food. my mum wanted something hot, while i wanted fruit drinks. err.. do u know the price of 1 cup of coffee here? 20 Yuan, thats RM10. and the price for 1 fruit juice, was 30 Yuan, thats RM 15 T_T.

the card we bought has only 20 Yuan in it. hahahha. we weren't expecting the drinks to be so expensive. but the lady thats sells drinks says we can just pay her using cash. err.. fit the purpose of using the card loh. so we bought 2 cups of the most expensive coffee we ever drank. thank God it tasted DELICIOUS! :D

there was 6 Yuan drinks, but its the ginseng tea.. not a bit fan of ginseng.

next dinner time.. !

and back to the hotel. zzzzz

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