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Beijing Trip : Day 2

Date : 15th May 2010

If you want to know what i ate the whole day for Day 2 pls head to my food diary.

ok. on Day 2, we had breakfast at 7.00 am and by 8.00 am we had to be ready at the hotel lobby coz the tour bus will leave at 8.30 am.

places to go today is..
1. jade center
2. crystal city
3. chinese muslim restaurant to eat lunch and pray
4. Juyongguan Great Wall
5. Baoshutang Scald Oitment Factory
6. market (don't know which one?)
7. chinese muslim restaurant to eat dinner

i recorded a lot of videos and snapped a lot of photos, so here's some of them. here's Vivian telling us about Jade in the bus on the way to Jade Center.

we've arrived at the Jade Center. here's a little snippet of the tour.

Jade contains a variety of the mineral such as silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium and oxygen.

Jade offers the owner many benefits:
. Help dissipate excessive body heat and drive out sick energy (sick wind)
. Remove or alleviate pain by applying and/or rubbing the jade against the affected area.
. Improve liver and heart functioning; regulate blood pressure.
. Increase energy level and blood circulation.
. Improve the kidneys’ functioning; improve hearing, memory and thinking; clear the mind.
. Harmonize the mind and body; get rid of anxiety and fear.
. Can be used as an energy filter or shield against dirty public energy (jade can be washed, cleaned, and reused).
. Prevent fainting and eliminate headaches.
. Serve as a Worry Stone or pocket piece.
. Carry and use as a symbol of high-virtue - jades reflect the wearer’s personality and artistic taste. Modern jades make good jewelry.
. Archaic and antique jades are used for artistic appreciation, and their monetary value increases steadily with age. Some can be purchased for savings and investment purposes.

source: HERE and HERE

How to tell of a Jade is authentic or to differentiate its quality (source link)

So with all this jade, how does one know if it’s genuine? Here's a few tips for testing.
. Real jade feels cool in your hand.
. Lick it and it may pucker your lips a little bit.
. Put a drop of water on the stone. If it beads on the surface and doesn’t dissipate, it’s real.
. Use a magnifying glass. Look for bubbles. Real jade has none.
. Experts can tell by tapping it with a solid object then placing it to their ear. The higher the pitch, it means its authentic and is of great quality.

For more tips, visit this link.

and yup.. at Jade Center, they taught us by listening to the sound. which one in the video was fake? which is the best jade? and which is the 2nd best? i know its confusing bcoz they tapped using 2 jades, so don't know the sound emits from which jade.. :))


FYI..... 1 Malaysian ringgit = about 2 Chinese yuan

we bought a few jades ourselves. spent about 750 Yuan (about RM 375) here. ehehe. here are some of our purchases, didn't snap any photos straight away, so these are a few that are still in my possession, the rest had be given to friends and family. the purple and the colourful jade bracelet were bought at the Jade Center, while the white bracelet were bought on Day 4 (at factory price) at an underground Jewelery store near the Olympic Stadium. the 2 button jade was given FREE (also Day 4)!! the owner of the Jewelery store was half m'sian, he was feeling generous that day. :D


next, we headed to Crystal City. ok this is when it started to get a little outrageous. the way they promote their product and how they really make u feel u HAVE TO BUY IT!! it was.. pretty exciting to watch! you will understand why, from the video below. :P

OMG she used a freaking drill!! she even stepped on it, and scratched it. and it was NOT scratched at all. u might not notice the difference when placed under the light.. it can't be clearly seen in the video. when the crystal glasses was placed under the light.. u could see rainbows. that explains why u hear Ooohs and Aaahs. :D

there was this huge crystal ball outside the demo room. Vivian told us if we were to touch it 3 times, we will get (1) good health, (2) lots of money and (3) find true love. ehem. syirik weh percaya bende2 mcm ni! tp kiteorg sentuh jgk utk suka2 je. :))

btw, me and mum didn't buy anything from this shop. we just window-shopped. we also met a young family from Malaysia (from another tour group), they brought along their baby.


next is LUNCH TIME! this restaurant is at 3rd floor (i think). it was HUGE! and they have their own surau. their toilet + wuduk area have only HOT water. really hot. so it was really difficult to take our wuduk. the weather wasn't that cold. can't they lower the temperature a bit? we almost got scalded. oh more on getting scalded.. later. :-s

ok this time me and mum had lunch with the 'other group', and it was awkward. i think they ate like 5 minutes and thats it, they all stopped eating. there were a lot of lauk left.. lesson learnt! i whispered to my mum, dinner and tommorrow we have to make sure we eat with the other group. this group is kind of depressing. it makes me sad seeing all that food gone to waste. tatau la tgh diet ke ape. sy pon diet gak, tp takkan la mcm tu skali??! T_T

ok enough of that..

at the ground floor was a huge souvenir shop. it has everything! from pens, to fridge magnets, to picture frames, to accessories, to rings, to vases, just to name a few. my mum bought 1 bangle, it was really pretty.


next stop was Great Wall of China! ok u have seen one of the photos HERE. so i'm just going to share 1 video + 1 photo.


next is Baoshutang Scald Ointment Factory. They sell ointments, creams, vibrators (to massage of coz, NOT the kinky vibrator :P) and hot oils. Great. just great. we just climbed the Great Wall of China, and they brought us here. good marketing strategy. our feet, our backs.. were hurting.. so this was a great time to influence people to buy their ointments! :))

1 thing i don't like about this trip is.. they don't let u know rightaway that no photos were allowed to be taken. i didn't see any signs of warning. i was recording the video above, and she and her assistant didn't stop me straightaway. i even snapped a few photos after that. she was looking at me dead in the eye, and didn't say a word. she let me record for some time, and then suddenly one of her assistant stopped me quite harshly. what the hell was i doing before that? u didn't notice that i was taking photos / recording videos? u didn't stopped me then, why now? isn't that rude? she just made me feel horrible! :(

pls put up several HUGE sign somewhere.. so that.. its crsytal clear to visitors like us - that no photos should be taken. [-(

the lady in the video.. she scares me. like i said earlier on, their way of promoting is really outrageous. they really want to show their products are so special. so they showed us a live demostration, which is.. to scald somebody's hand with hot iron chain and then apply some of their magic cream, and wait for 10 minutes, and then show the results. at 1st the lady in the video ask for a volunteer, and said someone younger would be better. err. hopefully they were kidding. there were only 2 young adults there, me and 1 other girl. she was early 20s, and i'm late 20s, but people think i'm 15-18 yrs old. most of my group taught i just finished my SPM. :))

alas, there were no volunteers.. we were all chicken! hahaha. so the lady will be the one touching the hot iron chains. the iron chains were put on flames until it turn hot red. 2 of her assistants stretched the chains out. during this time.. we were wincing in fear and waiting in agony to what will happen next. erk! the lady touched it. she then ran back behind the counter and quickly applied the special cream on her hand. OMG she actually touched it! i could actually see that her hands was slightly black in colour. u know nampak slightly rentung! not the whole hand, but a small part of her hand. must be really painful. wow. some people will do anything to sell their product. :-s

will i starve myself just to be skinny and sell Herbalife? hell no!

aa.. i found someone else who had visited this place. he managed to snap a few good photos, he even have a photo of the volunteer touching the hot iron chain! for some reason he called this place as Bao Fu Ling and not Baoshutang? well i can't read Chinese so i'm not so sure. err. maybe the tour agency got it wrong?

the logo of Baoshutang or whatever the name is.. is quite similar to Herbalife.

anyways.. we were an easily influenced bunch of people. and we bought 1 of the basic sets which is 650 Yuan (RM 325). 1 family was even worst, they bought the 1000 yuan black stone cup (cangkir). wahhaha. the one that we bought contains; the special scalding cream (Bao Fu Ling), a bottle of hot oil, a can of koyok (uncut), a battery operated massager, 4 free bookmarks, and 1 free head scarf. :))


next we went to the supermarket that sells fake goods. u have to bargain at least 1/4 of the price.. or better yet 10% from the original price. ehehe. the only thing i don't like about bargaining in Beijing is.. u will have to act. u have to become an actor. act like u don't want to buy when they don't give the price u wanted. u proceed to act like u don't agree with the price offered, walk away and leave the shop. while walking away, hope for the best, and usually the salesperson will call u back, "okla. okla.. i give **** price".. and this has to be done several times until u get the price u wanted. usually the salesperson will scold u or worst, grabbed ur hands / clothes (until it rip!).. of whatever u're wearing at the moment. WHAT THE HELL?? i find this kind of bargaining technique really dumb and such a waste of precious time! why do we need to do all this just to buy something fake? can't we just haggle on price nicely?

FYI, on the way to this market.. i dozed off in the bus. so when we reached the market i was still at my 'mamai' state, so my mood wasn't the best. so the 1st shop i went to, were selling tshirt, we already planned on buying tshirts for our family members. i was still dizzy and sleepy, but this girl from the shop opposite to where i was shopping kept on grabbing and tugging on my hand. at 1st i ignored her existence, but she kept on bothering me. i was really busy deciding on the tshirts: what colour to pick and what size to choose, but she kept on promoting her shop.. asking me to buy her blouse/tops/etc. aiyo. i feel like slapping that girl. can't she see i was busy??

seriously wo. i didn't slapped her of coz, but i did gave her a 'wolf stare' and made it really clear that she was annoying my guts. she backed off immediately. padan muke! kaco org lagi. nasib baik sekadar kene renung je, kalo aku mengamok bertukar jd hulk, lg teruk. mau dia lari lintang pukang. pls don't mess with someone who just woke up. :))

we bought a few stuff.. tshirts for everybody, bubble blower for the kids, a big handbag for mum, chinese clothing for the kids.. erm.. i think thats it. we spend around 400 Yuan. we had about 45 minutes left to spare so we sat at the staircase. everybody else from our group was still shopping.


and then we had dinner.. this time with our old 'group of 8'. eheh. the plate in the middle was FISH. i have no idea how they sliced up the fish until it looked like that.. :-s

back at the hotel, showered, prayed, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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