Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mission 2010 #1 : Decorate Sis's Condo

My sis gave me a mission - to design the interior of her new condo. :-s

there's 3 bedroom and only 3 people (2 adults, 1 child) living in the condo. my sis + husband obviously will sleep in the master bedroom. pika will have her own room. she has never slept alone yet, but things might have to change. my sis said the extra bedroom, will be Pika's little playroom or office/study room.

Her wants:-
- colour scheme/wall paint for every room. wall paint must kid-proof. pika likes to scribble on walls.
- for pika's playroom, my sis specifically said that she want a chalkboard wall for Pika to scribble her hearts out. I'm not sure whether there's chalkboard paint/stickers available in Malaysia.
- for her balcony, she wants a waterfall. very ambitious. haha.
- find durable and child-friendly furniture coz Pika is menace and like to destroy everything in sight. so definitely no white furniture/fabrics. leather is good!
- arrangements of furnitures must be lots of free space for Pika to run freely. Pika lagi.. hmm.

pape updates, akan ditambah kemudian. skang tgh belek2.. IKEA catalog, nippon paint's website.. etc. :P



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