Friday, November 20, 2009

Sensitive Heart

Credits to for the photo of the goats used in the comic.

we were watching a drama starring Zamarul Hisyam and Umie Aida. I think the title was "Cinta Tasbih" on TV3. Near the end of the drama, the husband died just after performing his prayers. And then there was scene of goats in cages. I didn't really get that part, coz i started watching near the end of the drama. eheh.

anyway, near the end of the drama, Pika suddenly cried. at first we thought she was sad that the husband died. but that was not really the case. we asked Pika the reason she cried. it took a while for her to answer.

at last she said, "Kepala kambing tersekat!" -> translation: The goats head was stuck(btwn the fences)! bawahahahahaha :))

we had to explain to her, that the goat was fine. it wasn't really stuck. the goat was just protruding out his head in btwn the fences. only then she stopped crying. :))

I can't help it, I have to paste this photo. Its too CUTE!

Here's the link of the photo - click here



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