Friday, October 23, 2009

Why haven't I blogged about anything? Oh right, because my life is so mundane

i know.. i know.. it has been awhile since i last blogged about ANYTHING, even draw my comics... wahaha.

hmm. okay below are some of the highlights of my so called life. i think it may help me a bit if i blogged based on certain topics..


i haven't finish reading it yet. me and big mouth said that i will finish the book by August. but until now (its freaking October already) and still, there's still a few pages left. i stopped at page 412, Chapter 34: Declared. another 69 pages to go.

maybe i just don't want to finish the book. i don't want the story to end. it IS the fourth and final novel in the Twilight Series. kinda sad huh? :(

to those who have read the book, u'll know that this book is divided into 3 parts (but they somehow call it 'book 1', 'book 2', 'book 3'. how weird). the first and third sections are written from Bella Swan's POV and the second is written from the POV of Jacob Black.

at the begining of the book, as usual i could not stop myself. i was hooked.

and then, i reach the part where i had to read based on Jacob's POV. at 1st i thought it would be boring. coz i've been so used to read on Bella's POV.

to my surprised, it was so much fun. the chapters was so funnily written and was awfully long. let me give u an example..

Chapter 10: Why Didn’t I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I’m An Idiot.
Chapter 11: The Two Things At The Very Top Of My Things-I-Never-Want-To-Do List
Chapter 14: You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude To Vampires


i roughly know how's it gonna end. but i'm really interested on how the movie would look like. how will they potray Renesmee speedy growth. and a baby with teeth!! hope they don't use dentures. wahahah. will they be able to find the most perfect/beautiful baby?


ryan erm.. was warded for 4 days. i don't know the whole story, but it has something to do with lung infection. smtg like that. his weight dropped from 13 kg to 9 kg within a day.

but not to worry, he's fine now. a few days after being discharged, he not only got his weight back, but also gain a few extra kilos. i tried to carry him, and he felt heavier than 13 kg. he felt like 15 kg, or maybe even more. :-s


oh.. like the title says, Ryan can now walk. since he got a big butt and a big tummy, he wobbles when he walks. but he is pretty steady. not like Pika, Pika just runs and falls flat.


naughty as always. her tantrums has gotten from bad to worst. she like to throw things, bullies Ryan, bullies me (yup), bullies everybody. she's always up to mischief. she seems to enjoy being scolded/yelled at. weird kid!

i still consider her underweight. she's 9 kg, still. not gaining at all. she's so boney.. OMG. it's uncomfortable to carry her. all bones and so little flesh. unlike Ryan, big boned, lots of flesh, very meaty.. yum yum! :P


not much to tell. did my 'puasa 6' and 'puasa ganti' in Syawal, like i did for 2 years straight. still doing my online business, recruiting more downlines, coaching my team and selling Herbalife as usual. want to join my team? email me.. ! *sempat promote* :P


my favourite TV series are back with a new season. below are what i'm currently watching..

1) American's Next Top Model Cycle 13 - i'm rooting for Nicole! and Laura!
2) Fringe Season 2
3) Ghost Whisperer Season 5 - OMG! Melinda has a ***!!
4) Heroes Volume 5 - still figuring out how Emmas' ability will be used as a power. she might have to bring a violin everywhere with her.. and just.. ZHINNGGG! cuts people into half?
5) Smallville season 9 - get a proper costume already! black is SO not ur colour.
6) Stargate Universe season 1 - hmm.. interesting. stuck in a ancient ship.
7) True Blood - i'm watching the unrated version.. *cough cough*
8) Ugly Betty season 4 - still downloading the 1st episode, haiya why so slow!

ok.. i think thats about it for now. will write more soon. promise. pinky promise. :P



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