Monday, October 26, 2009

Marigold vs Dutch Lady

since Dutch Lady is promoting on my nuffnang ad.. I wanted to blog about this. :D

Note to myself: Stick to Dutch Lady!
its OFFICIAL. I am SUPER ALLERGIC to Magnolia milk. hopefully its not all types (brand) of milk. i'm definitely ok when i eat cheese. but milk.. i have to be really careful from now on. :(( uwaaaaa.

after the 2 day ordeal i had last week, i took another small bottle of Magnolia milk (strawberry) and drank it all up. 7 hours later, my tummy started to ache. and i went to the toilet TWICE! actually 3 times, since the 1st 2, i waited until the 2nd urge came. my sis and bro drink the same milk, and they were ok. i'm the only one in the family which is lactose intolerant but milk only. how weird is that?

i can eat other dairy food (cheese, butter, ice cream, yogurt) with no worries but milk always gives me problem. previously, i could drink at least 1 mug/bowl of milk with no side-effect. but now?? even 1 sip can be deadly. huhuhu. what happen?? hopefully tak berjangkit dgn dairy2 food yg lain. especially cheese la.. my favourite food of all time.. :(( uwaaaaa. ~ from HERE


ok. effect dr minum susu semlm tade plak. rasenye kite allergic dgn susu Magnolia je kot. Susu Dutchlady ok jek. ~ from HERE



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