Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Atok! Want some milk?

Snap this candid shot last week.. cute huh?

I sent the photo above via mms to Mieza, and this is what she replied..

"Alahai, mana cukup. Ryan sorang pon sure dah abih sebotol tu." :P

.. she's actually right! hahhaa..


Last week, after Ryan was discharged from the hospital.. my mum made 160 ml of milk for Ryan. Ryan drank the whole bottle, and when the milk finished.. he cried! he was furious.

My bro came out his room and ask what was happening. Mum told my bro that she gave the usual 160 ml of milk to Ryan.. and bro said, 160 ml is no longer enough, thats why Ryan cried.

Ryan now drinks 220 ml of milk.. thats 1 full bottle. :-s

FYI, Pika can't even finish 120 ml of milk. Now Ryan drinks double the amount Pika drinks. No wonder his weight gained so fast.. :-s

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