Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pika's Vocabulary (Brand Names)

Pika can now identify some of the most recognized brand names. The question is, I'm not sure whether she is actually reading the brand names or.. she memorized the logo.

Some of her pronunciation is slightly off.. well she is only 2 y.o ++.

coke = pronounce perfectly :)

100 plus = 100 plah. she has trouble pronuncing 'S'

mcdonalds = mc-tonal. cute giler.

kfc = kay-ep-chee

koko krunch = pronounce perfectly :) i know 'nestle' is the brand name, but i want to fit at least 6 in each comic. :P

milo = mee-lo.. which is correct. when she's bigger, she'll pronounce it as my-lo for sure. :P

rexona = rek-zho-na. thanks to Bio-nik! oh.. btw, wanna know a secret? Pika has a HUGE crush on Nik. wahaha.

ribena = bee-na. i don't know why she purposely left out the 'ri-'. hmm.

shell = pronounce perfectly :)

petronas = petronah. again with the 'S'.

jusco = pronounce perfectly :)

carrefour = pronounce perfectly :)



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