Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tonka Bean @ Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa (Part 2)


erm. i'll let the photos do the talking. malas nak explain. hahaha. >:)

//updated on: 6 march 2009

mood menulis sudah muncul!

Tonka Bean ni, fuhh.. besar tau area dier. ade byk jenis seating. i like 1 seating area ni. a huge square table. pestu ade L shake sofa. the other L di isi dgn kerusi yg loose. unfortunately, i didn't snap that table. tp very comel tau.

we got the long table.. situated near the buffet spread.

sesampai nye di Tonka Bean, booking tmpt duduk masing2. and off we went. pusing2 tgk mknn ape yg ade dulu. sambil pusing, sambil saye snap some photos. the lady in purple is my mum.

for starters, mesti amik soup dan salad dulu kan? byk dressing ni. tatau nak pilih mane satu. saye seperti bese, akan pilih Pesto! ehehe.

ini Baby squid in peanut sauce. the baby squid is not so baby. sbb besar jugak la. takdela se-baby mcm Sushi King punye baby squid. this is medium size punye. kene potong 2 jugak sblm masuk mulut.

From left: Tabouli, Diced Red + Greed Peppers + Cucumber Salad, 
Potato Salad, Mixed Salad with Chicken Strips.

bawah ni 2 areas of buffet spread..

the left side. ujung skali in black is my dad. haha.

the right side..

ini ujung skali, dekat tmpt masak. nak soh masak Waffle dll.. seme kat sini.

Fruit area. the big bowl contains - Lai Chee Kang!
You can see my mum, sis and Pika from here. :P

Ice Cream from Haagen Dasz!! All you can eat!

Dessert area. yum yup. tgk choc fountain tu. indah kan? hihi.
That my bro.. btw.

marshmellow and choc fountain.

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