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Tonka Bean @ Impiana KLCC Hotel & Spa (Part 1)

13, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 60(3) 2147 1111
Fax: 60(3) 2147 1100

International Hi-Tea Buffet (Saturday) 12 to 4 pm = RM 48 per person

//updated on: 6 April 2009

Mood utk menulis baru muncul arini. kiteorg pg celebrate birthday mummy yg ke 58th kat Tonka Bean.

First time try buffet kat situ. itupon saye yg jumpe kat TheStart - Kuali website.  Tonka Bean ada promo on Southern BBQ. tp kiteorg tak amik yg tu. coz that's all meat kan. so we took the International Hi-Tea Buffet instead. Skali dgn Haagen Dasz unlimited ice cream. YUM YUM!

kiteorg pg.. erm.. 7 org dewasa + 2 babies.

bebudak dpt goodie bag. refer kat bwh skali utk gambar isi dalam goodie bag. Pika trus gune, coz she'll be eating as well. ryan tade mknn die. die dah boleh mkn solid food, but mknn2 buffet tu kureng sesuai. :P



The 'Most Authentic' Cream of Mushroom Soup

Why do i say 'most authentic'? it does not taste like the typical mushroom soup. it tasted like real mushroom blended until almost smooth. sedapp! not too creamy and not too salty. mmg rase mushroom la. :P

Oh and that bread is so beautiful. I couldn't help myself from taking a close up photo of it. i'm not sure, what those black bits are.

Assorted Salads and Cold Cuts

the 2nd plate, was salads and cold cuts. ade selit 2 pcs of Baby octopus (top right corner). this is a very small plate.. i should get a bigger plate. baru nampak all the food. ini dok tindan atas satu sama lain. 

the green small bits is Tabouli or Tabbouleh. bukan TAK BOLEH tau. :P

Tabouli is a Lebanese national dish. 

"Its primary ingredients are bulgur, finely chopped parsley, mint, tomato, scallion, and other herbs with lemon juice, olive oil and various seasonings, generally including black pepper and sometimes cinnamon and allspice." ~ wikipedia [ link ]

the salmon was fresh. mussel was fresh. tp malang skali.. there was no OYSTER!! T_T

Fish Fritters, Thai Fish cake, Mushroom Quiche, Indian Currypuff, 
Chicken baked in Paper, Chicken Wing, Duck Pie

Duck Pie - very interesting. my sis and mum tak amik, coz kate mrk tak suke duck. tp telur masin leh lak mkn. itu pon duck jugak per :P

Thai Fish Cake - very spicy. not so good for my sore throat. FYI, the fish cake is called Tod Man. hihi.

Mushroom Quiche - mcm quiche la. tak amik byk, coz got lots of eggs kan. senang muak kalo mkn byk sgt.

Indian Currypuff - don't be deceive. its not a normal currypuff. its full of herbs and spices. super spicy for a very tiny currypuff. i could only take half of it. eh sorry.. i actually ate the whole thing. wahaha.  i don't mind spicy food, tp terpakse cut down.. sbb sore throat. takut agitate lak.

Chicken baked in paper - the one that i picked.. was not cooked thru. so i ate my mum's punye portion. not bad. mcm masak chinese style je. oh.. someone in my family, ate the chicken together with the paper. wahaha. that person will not be named. hahaha. it was not me la.. it was someone else :P

Pau, Sashimi, Dimsum, Fried Goodies

Actually ade sushi and a whole load of other food. but my tummy is smaller now, so i need to plan what to eat. i cannot eat everything ok? i took another round of sashimi. 

the rectangle is Cheese Puff. SGT SEDAP!! should have taken 2 pcs la. yg samosa dan fishball.. tak perlu amik. tp mkn la jugak dlm separuh. inti udang lak tu. not good for my sore throat. mule la nak gatal2 tekak ni. ermm..

Mochi, Apple Pie, Fruit dipped in chocolate, Choc Fudge Cake

Aik dah mkn dessert? hahha. i was itching to try the dessert. byk giler! tp kene choose la. takkan nak mkn seme. meletup la perut nnt. there were also marshmellows to be dipped into the chocolate fountain. but tak amik la.. i don't know the gelatin is veggie based or animal based. 

The filling for mochi was unfortunately peanut butter. again i tercekik. kalo ice cream kan best!

The apple pie was good! and the choc fudge cake was very moist. terase nak refill.. tp perut sudah penuh. 

Ice Cream by Haagen Dasz. There's Green Tea, Mint Chip, Strawberry Cheesecake.. etc

Flavour ade dlm 10 or was it 8 flavours. tak ingat lak. some flavours were so hard to scrapped. it was hard as a rock. it took me a whole 5 minutes just to scoop a tiny bit from each flavour. 

In my bowl, there's only 6 flavours. didn't take the vanilla and (?) cheesecake flavour. coz dah ade strawberry cheesecake. 



kiteorg sampai je kat meja, ade waitress ni dah pegang 2 goodie bag. die pon terangkan la, isi kandungan goodie bag. bagus jugak dpt plastic plates, kalo tak.. Pika lempar plate hotel. haru la kene bayar. haha. 

A Teddy Bear each for Pika and Ryan

A set of plastic meal set with cutlery from IKEA

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