Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RM 100 is not enough!


today i went grocery shopping; not to our usual hypermarket (Carrefour).. but to a 'kedai runcit'. :P

we brought both kids with us. ryan fell asleep in the car, and pika.. as usual very hyper. mum took care of ryan, and dad had to take care of pika. so i had to shop alone.

my mum gave me RM 100 to buy a few stuff..
- Milo
- Skimmed Milk
- Laundry Detergent
- Some veggies

but once i stepped into the supermarket.. I remembered a lot of other stuff we need. and end up buying A LOT!!

my grocery list.. (based on memory)
- Milo
- Skimmed Milk
- Laundry Detergent
- 5 types of veggie : kailan, sawi, cauliflower, carrot, red chillis
- Chicken Nuggets
- Sos Tiram
- Sos Cili
- Mini chicken stock cubes

my basket was full to the brim. only the detergent was outside the basket. it was too heavy to carry both basket and detergent. :-s

i think thats about it. looking at the amount of groceries in my basket, i was worried that the RM100 that mum gave me won't be enough. i didn't bring my bag, so obviously.. didn't bring my purse along. at that moment, knowing that i just had RM 100, and no spare change.. i was worried. to me RM 100 is not enough.

i even tried to calculate in my head.. to see whether it was enough. it was roughly RM 85+.. not including the veggies. hmm..

so, i placed my grocery basket down, and went outside to look for my dad. my dad was taking pika for a walk, so i signalled him to enter the supermarket. just in case my purchase exceed RM 100.. he can top up. :-s

with my dad, standing beside me at the cashier. pika wanted some raisins, so we got her 1 tiny box of raisin for Pika.  i think it was only 80 cents.

i waited anxiously while the cashier keyed in every item. and guess what the total was? ehehe.. 

exactly.. RM 95!

hahahaa.. just nice ha. less RM 5 only.

oh.. and i got 1 free water bottle from Milo. ehehe.

btw, i also remembered that we were out of bread.. but i didn't know why, its not that i forgot.. but i just didn't buy the bread. i just felt like the bread wasn't necessary. later, inside the car, i saw mum had already bought the bread. ehehe. she bought it while i was busy choosing the veggies. :D

was it instinct of what?



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