Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cicak.. again?!

Huhu.. ini 3rd encounter dgn cicak.

pls go HERE and HERE if you haven't read my 1st and 2nd encounter of the dreaded cicak. FYI, 1st cicak was alive and the 2nd cicak was already dead when i found him/her. :D

ok.. this happen yesterday. 

I was cooking dinner, chicken soup to be exact. but was undecided whether to serve it with macaroni or kuey teow. The kuey teow was in the fridge.. so i went to get it out. The macaroni was in the cupboard. I opened 1 side and then another.. and then.. SUDDENLY.. flew one dead cicak right in front of my face. It fell on the kitchen counter. Thank God I didn't put any food on that counter. If not, it would fell directly on my food.. :-s

Me being me.. i'm very easily.. err.. shocked about the smallest things. If something happens out of the blue.. and I wasn't ready.. my jantung will go 'dup dap dup dap' for a few minutes. ehhee. i mmg lambat recover.

i was still in shock, i finally decided to serve the chicken soup with kuey teow.. since it wasn't near the dead cicak. :P

So yes.. i was very surprised that another dead cicak just dropped right in front of me.. AGAIN! what luck. 

this time.. the cicak was still in good shape. blom tinggal rangka lagi.. mcm sblm ni. mati terkejut kot.

sian kene hurung semut. 

Oh ya.. we also had an intruder. a squirrel sneaked into our house and ate one of our ciku. we got loads of cikus since my dad plant 1 ciku tree in front of our house. :P

what's ciku in English? :-s

i managed to snap a picture of the culprit.

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