Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rayyan the Tortoise

Since Rayyan was small, I always thought he looked like a tortoise. Just by looking the way he sleeps, reminds me of the tortoise. the way he lifts his head up.. seriously mcm tortoise lah! :P

here's a photo of him sleeping....

yup i wrote without a shell. so i took a pillow, and placed it on Rayyan's back.

wahaha.. the original pillow is blue + white in colour.
i photoshop the pillow so it looked as 'shell-like' as possible. :P

kiut tak? was i rite about Rayyan resemblence to a tortoise?

btw, if Rayyan = tortoise.. Pika?

Pika = monkey. :))

silap silap..

Pika = monkey + cicak

monkey coz Pika's uses her legs as if their her hands. 

and cicak bcoz, her hand happens to be sticky/wet.. and can grab stuff easily.

i think i should add Spider as well, coz Pika has super strength. the other day.. she carried a 10 kg sack of rice. and later she grabbed a 10 litre cooking oil from the kitchen counter.. and the cooking oil fell on the floor, missing Pika a mere inches. thank God it didn't fell directly on Pika.

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