Thursday, January 08, 2009

Homemade Caramel Popcorn

Today.. i made my own popcorn!!

hasilnye setelah dimkn separuh...

meh tgk close up... yum yum

What you need...
corn kernels
corn / sunflower oil (the healthier the better)
a small/medium size pot
a see thru lid (see thru lid is optional.. but a lid is a MUST!)
wooden spoon

What to do...
1. Take your pot, and fill it with a handful of corn kernels. don't add to much, coz the corn kernels will expand. we don't want our pot to be bursting with popcorn. huhu.

- a good way to tell how much corn kernels u should put in ur pot is by making sure the corn kernel covers 1/2 of the bottom of the pot. it has to be just 1 layer.. and its filled 1/2 way only. 1 layer ok? meaning every single corn kernels touches the base of the pot. get it?
- some guides that u find online, tells u to cover the whole bottom part of the part.. but i don't think thats wise. u can't control that much popcorn. better be safe than sorry. we do not want to have any burnt popcorns.

2. Pour in oil, just enough to coat the kernels. Use a spoon to coat them well. add an extra 2-3 tspn to avoid ur pot getting burnt.

3. Turn your stove on medium heat. Place your pot (filled with corn kernel + oil) on the stove without the lid on. Stir with wooden spoon while waiting for the oil to get hot and starts to sizzle.

Tip: if u have a see-thru lid, you can peak inside to see whether your popcorn is ready.

4. When its starts to sizzle, close your ur pot with lid and hold it down. Shake your pot once in a while (while holding ur lid down) to prevent from ur corn kernels from burning. Adjust heat to low if necessary.

5. Your corn kernels will start to pop. Remove from heat or adjust heat to low. Keep shaking until popping has stopped. Peak inside. if you still see, some corn has not popped, you can put aside the popped ones into a bowl. If you see the base of your pot is dry, add in more oil. Placed the pot back to the stop, to continue popping.

6. Once thats ready, put aside all popcorn into a bowl. Sprinkle with salt and toss well. Don't over do it, coz.. we'll be coating it with caramel sauce after this. :P

7. Fill the hot pot you used with cold water for easy cleaning.

8. Now, we prepare the caramel coating. Get a new pot, large enough to fit all ur popcorn. We will stir the popcorn into the caramel sauce once the sauce is ready.

9. Make sure your pot is clean. Add in to pot a few tbsp of sugar. I used about 5 tbspn of sugar. I added some water, so that the caramel is not too thick. I added 2 tbspn water to 5 tbspn sugar. Adjust amount of sugar accoding to the amount of popcorn you have. If you like it sweet, and you want your popcorn to be 100% coated with caramel.. ADD MORE SUGAR! :P

10. Turn your stove to medium heat and place your pot (filled with sugar + water) on the stove. Stir regularly.

11. When your caramel starts to turn yellow and all sugar has dissolved, pour in your popcorn into your pot, and start stirring. Stir until, all caramel has coat your popcorn and there is none left at the base of your pot. (tak baik membazir. :P)

12. Place your caramel popcorn in a large bowl. Fill the hot pot with cold water for easy cleaning.

13. Sit down, turn on the TV, and enjoy!

....... Don't forget to clean the dishes when you're done. :P

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