Thursday, December 04, 2008

Google Image Tag

Got tagged by Kak Rozey. Another interesting me-me.

The rules are simple. Use Google Images to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.


Let's start....

Why do you Blog?

The age of my next birthday

A place I’d like to travel to


*and also.. Marrakesh*

A favorite place

*my bed. below is not my actual bed. how i wish my bed looks as comfy like below. :(*

A favorite thing

*high speed INTERNET connection. menjwb soalan tak? wahaha. *

A favourite food

*Subway Sandwiches. Oh so juicy and yummy!*

*not forgetting.. Pizza*

A favorite color

*erm sorry. i can't really decide. didn't find this in Google Images. I did this in Fireworks.*

The city I live in

*obviously.. i live in KL. Gombak is not a city ok. its a district.*

A nickname I had

*my nickname DIEHA/ADIEHA. below is the header i created for my fotopages.
the cat photo was shot by yours truly at Bukit Tinggi.*

*... and NARU NARUSEGAWA (a.k.a. Naru-senpai)*

College major

*Faculty of Creative Multimedia. Major in Digital Media. Multimedia University, Cyberjaya.*

Name of first (and only) love

*i don't want to put any names. the image below explains it all T_T*

A bad habit

*yup. i like to SLEEP LATE. reaaaaally late. 3-4 am. and sometimes after Subuh. :D*

A hobby

*i didn't cheat. one of my hobby is: draw comics. my keyword was 'STICKDIEHA',
and the whole page was filled with my comics. ehehe.below is one of my favourites.
maybe bcoz stickdieha wore a 'telekung'. wahaha.*

Current wish list (max. 3 items)

*Sony Skinny T Digicam. I want the one in green pls.*

*Dell Studio 15" or 17". Lime green pls. haha. why do i like green so much??*

*.. and i need NEW CLOTHES*


7 people I’m tagging
everybody who reads this blog. pls leave your url in the comment section, so that i can check ur answers, ok? TQ. :x



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