Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm craving for pies!!

Hmm. I think I watched too much Pushing Daisies. I did a Pushing Daisies marathon the other day. Watched all of Season 1 and until episode 3 of Season 2. Ehehe. 

Do we have a specific shop/restaurant that sells Pies in Malaysia?

We have a The Paddington House of Pancakes, specializing in all types of Pancakes; sweet, and savoury.

We have Donut shops: Dunkin Donut, Big Apple Donuts, J. Co Donuts.

But no shops just for Pies??? :(

Ada sape2 yg ade suggestion of really good pies in KL/Selangor area? Pls write in the comments sections. Thank you.

Oh ya.. and most importantly, it must be Halal. :P

p.s: jgn suggest McD Apple Pie or Banana Pie. thats not even a real pie. although quite sedap jugak la. I want the sliced kind.. with crumble crust and all. *drools*

p.s: or... should i make one myself? Apple Crumble (its not really a pie but close enough) mmg senang nak buat. saye tak reti buat pastry dough. ehehe.



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