Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things I wish had never been invented

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List the things you wish had never been invented.

1. high heels
- the person who invented heels was a man. his goal was to make women walk slower. it other words, follow/obey men.

2. weapons: guns / bombs / etc
- if there's no weapons, there'll be no war, and people will not die or get hurt. most (or is it ALL?) weapons were invented by men.
- FYI, a woman invented the bullet vest. see? see?

3. neckties
- serve no purpose at all, unless u want to strangle yourself

4. noisy kids shoes
- its the one with the squeeky sound when they walk
- the sound is so annoying. i feel like kicking the kid. wahahaha. >:)

5. overalls
- why on earth would someone even wear/buy it. how are u suppose to go to the toilet and do ur business without taking everything off.

6. tv commercial
- especially when they stop during a peak of a movie scene.  u have to wait 5 minutes before the movie continues

7. clowns/mimes/anybody in heavy makeup
- freaks me out

8. thongs for men
- they look hideous

9. plastic bags
- nonbiodegradable

10. high waisted jeans/pants
- errm.. i don't need to explain. i look ridiculous wearing high waisted jeans/pants



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