Saturday, September 20, 2008

McDonalds Buffet Ramadhan

If you're here to know about this years McDonald's Buffet Ramadhan, I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but McDonald's will not be doing any Buffet Ramadhan this year (Sept 2008). :P

What they do have is the....

a) Spicy Chicken McNuggets Combo Meal
- 20 pcs of Spicy Chicken McNuggets
- 4 pcs of Spicy Ayam Goreng McD
- 3 Large Spicy McShaker Fries
- 5 carbonated drinks
- 2 Oreo McFlurry (Mudpie/Berries)
- Choices of 4 free sauces
* For 4-5 person.
*Only available for McDelivery.
Total = RM 56.90

b) Ramadhan Treats:
i. Spicy McShaker Fries
ii. Spicy Chicken McNuggets (with 3 types of sauces to choose from)
iii. 2 new Oreo McFlurry; Mudpie or Berries


I've tasted the Oreo McFlurry Mudpie, its tasted really good! Better than the normal Oreo McFlurry.

What I don't understand is.. why did McDonalds decide to make the theme 'spicy' for Ramadhan? Its so unsuitable for fasting tummies.

I do like the 2 new flavours for Oreo McFlurry, but not so much on the spicy nuggets, spicy chicken, spicy fries. Everything is spicy? I guess it's created that way to match with the new flavours of Oreo McFlurry. The Oreo McFlurry will cool you down from all the spiciness. :P

I'm glad they didn't create anything odd like last time. I'm referring to the Jasmine Tea they paired up with Prosperity Burger during Chinese New Year. Very yucky! Tasted and smelled like my 'Jasmine and Pandan Lotion'. I couldn't drink it coz it reminded me so much of my lotion.

It would be great if they serve drinks like; Bandung Drink, Soya Cincau or even Bandung with biji selasih in Ramadhan. These types of drinks would be great for breaking fast, instead of the normal soft drinks they usually serve.

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