Monday, September 15, 2008

15 Things About Me

I was tagged by PFS who was tagged by Fiza.
Anyway, it took me almost 2 days to finish this tag. Wahahaha.


The Rules...
State 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.

1. I am NOT a girl.. NOT yet a women:
wahaha. its hard bcoz i don't quite understand why other girls are so crazy/obsessed in shopping, handbags, high heels, branded clothes, jewelery, makeup, and other girly stuff. I don't have any urges.. not even a teeny weeny bit of urge (nafsu) in buying any of those stuff i've listed above. Its like i'm a boy or something.. but in a female body laa. :-/

2. Herbalife's TEAMIX Lemon & Hibiscus:
btw, this is not a promo. just something I wanted to share.

As soon as I got to know about this TEA, I cherish it with all my life. I can't live a day without it. So if I travel long distance, I bring along my bottle of teamix wherever I go.

It avoids me from drinking/eating other nasty food I always indulge on. But its also good when I splurge more than I should. Teamix is useful for my 'kantoi' days. :P

I call my Teamix, my 'magic gold dust'. Although the price is quite decent (RM0.50 to 1 per glass), it can do wonders. I use to have a bloated tummy and suffer from incontinence, I now have a flat tummy and no more feeling gassy. Kudos to whoever invented this product. If people say SKII is their 'miracle water', I wanna say out loud that TEAMIX is my 'miracle water'. :P

Oh.. there was one time, I accidentally spilt a bit of the teamix powder, it was about 1 tspn. It was early morning, and I was still in my 'mamai' state. Seeing how clumsy I was, I nearly cried. But since I don't want to waste a single bit of my gold dust, I scraped the powder into 2 separate tumblers and mix them with water. Not a single wastage! Wahahaha.

3. I hate praises:
My name is Madihah and it means Praiseworthy. In other words, I'm worth to be praised. Wahaha.

Well, having this name since young, I was (and always) being praise by teachers, friends, families and sometimes even strangers. When you've been praised so many times in your life, it sort of diminishes the excitement. And now when every time I hear praises, I just feel that they're not being honest with me or they want something from me. So I normally give this look; a half smile and look away.

4. Friendly/talkative in cyberspace but not in real life:
I can be really friendly and chatty on the net. I can chat with strangers like I know them since childhood. But in reality I'm quiet as a mouse. I think I've improved a lot in my communication skills, coz I don't sound nervous (stammer) anymore. But if I were to be in a crowd or in a party, I will not be the person who starts the conservation or make the 1st move to introduce myself. I will be the one standing in the corner, waiting people to come to me. Ehehhee.

I guess this is not considered weird.

You know whats even more weird? Just a few days ago, I met a girl online. And she says that she's talkative in real life but in cyberspace, she's so silent. Its too hard to believe such person could exist! At first, I thought she was pulling my leg. You know the 'tanye sepatah jawab sepatah' sort of person + the kind who doesn't know how to start a proper chat conversation + doesn't even know how to chat without being annoying. I bet.. if you chat with her, you'll end up pulling all your hair out.. like I did.

5. I can be really paranoid at times:
I have this habit. I like to think things thru in detail and plan ahead. Not just for me, but for other people too, especially close friends. I'm always prepared for the worst. In my head, i will run through different scenarios. What happen if I do this, what happen if I do that. When faced with a decision, I am most likely to analyze all options with care, so as to make the best choice.

a) Before I leave home, I will check my things several times (handphone, purse & money, pen & paper, tissues.. etc). And sometimes, I will also remind people around me, coz I don't like it when we're already in a car.. only then they remembered they had misplaced or forgot to bring something.

b) If I wanna buy something for myself, I will think it thru the pros and cons, will I use it if I buy it.. etc. Usually I don't end up buying it. The only thing I will buy for sure is FOOD. :P

6. I'm psychic / good instinct.:
I also could catch a glimpse what will happen. well this only happen sometimes, not always. :P

a) Even when its a sunny day and it has been awhile we had rain, if I have this bad feeling, I will bring the umbrella with me. And 80% of my instinct is usually correct.

b) I once brought a test pen (screwdriver) to class even though there was no 'Home Economics' class that day. It was another of my instincts kicking in. On the same day, my friend was in urgent need for a test pen to fix her electronic project. So yeah.. I lend her my screwdriver. :D

c) My family and I had just drive-thru McD and bought some takeaway lunch. Before we turn a corner, I had this glimpse of what people call a premonition. I saw my brother's drink was going to spill. The next second, my brother had to turn a corner, and "swoosh".. his soft drink came tumbling down. Thank God the cap was secure.. but it did spilled a bit.

7. I have small feet and its FLAT :

I used to wear a size 6. And its not the right size for someone as tall as me. I have fallen, tripped, so many times in my life bcoz of my small feet. But last year, after I managed to lose about 20 kilos, my feet continued to grow.. and now my feet can wear size 7 or 8. But it still looks small to me. And I still trip over easily. huhuhu.

I also have 'Flat Feet'. It is a condition of the feet in which the arch of the instep is flattened and the entire sole touches the ground. So I need to wear proper shoes with built-in arch supports in order for me to walk comfortably.

... and wearing heels is a definite NO-NO. Thank God I don't like them.

8. I have 2 sides of me:
For people I just gotten to know, or people who I can't seem to get comfortable with, they will only see the OUTER side of me. meaning, they don't get the chance to meet the whole me. :P

The OUTER side.. is usually the boring, serious, quiet side of me.

Only a few lucky ones get to meet the whole me. I only let people near me, when I feel they are fit and able to accept me as a whole. The complete side.. is the fun loving, talkative, joker, crazy side of me.

9. I've been in cyberspace for 13 years:
I started using the internet at a very young age of 13 years old. That was the beginning of Internet in Malaysia. I learnt to use emails, surfing the net, chatting and building my own website. I also created my own graphics and learnt HTML on my own. I guess that was the beginning of my passion for computers games and graphics. After my SPM I had a tough time in deciding on which field should I join, since I was qualified to join any field. Alas I chose Creative Multimedia, majoring in Digital Media. I don't mind being in front of a computer all day long. What I didn't expect was we had to learn the basics of ART. We had to learn how to paint, colour using brush/charcoal/pen/etc. Thank God I could at least draw.

You can search me on Google, using my nickname or even my full name. I assure u, there will be plenty of 'search results'.

I've created my own 'space' on the Internet. ADIEHA is my brand name. nobody else can use it but ME! :P

10. I heal (emotionally/mentally) pretty slow:
If I get hurt physically (e.g cut my hand), I tend to heal really fast, like in a few days or a week.. tops.

But if I get hurt emotionally/mentally, fulamak.. the fastest would be 3 days, and the longest would be 3 years or more? I'm not kidding. I remember everything that people do to me. Its crazy. I remember everything like it just happened yesterday.

So that's why, if anyone brings up anything from the past - the not so good memories, I will be really pissed and my whole day will be ruined. The bad memories will just come rolling back, like a movie.

11. I will stay away from Petrol Pumps / Gas Tank:
I think this would be repetition from my other me-mes. So I'm just gonna copy-paste from my previous survey.

My body emits high dosage of static electricity. The reason for this was bcoz I got electrocuted - 3 times to be exact. Once when I was still in primary school, another when I was in Form 3 and the last one was a bit serious (coz it took me awhile to pull myself away from the electric source), when I was studying in MMU, staying at my hostel.

So every time I leave a vehicle, I'll either close the door with my body (my butt) or elbow; since if i close it with my hand, i'll get zapped. Metal objects like trolleys, metal bars, toasters (etc) will also zap me.

Bcoz of this, I will never filled a gas tank; i think i did it only once or twice when i was younger, but seeing myself giving electric shock to people, i rather not be close to any petrol pumps / gas tanks.

Prevention is better than getting toasted or burnt. :)

12. My biggest phobia is fear of HEIGHTS (acrophobia):
I developed this phobia when I was 6 years old. It happened when I went to Knott’s Berry Farm, Florida (US) with my family. One of the rides I rode was called “The Parachute”. I rode this ride with my dad. “The Parachute” is very similar to “The Solero Shots” in Genting Highlands. The only difference is there were no seats and seat belts. We stood on a platform and held onto the bars. Suddenly, it shot several feet up the air.

As I was still small, I could not reach the bars, so I clung to my dad’s leg. We went up so high until I could see the whole view of the theme park. I did not know that it would be that high. It stopped at the top for a minute and went down again. The ride was really scary.

Since that experience, I realized that I had this phobia whenever I am at high altitudes. For example, I feel terrified when I had to ride on cable cars, external/see-through lifts, cross a hanging bridge or looking down from a skyscraper. Sometimes, I am even afraid when going down on escalators; especially like the ones in the Great Eastern Mall (which starts from Level 1 and goes up to Level 3) and the steep escalators in London Underground (also known as the tube).

I try to overcome this phobia by facing my fears. I have tried different things like forcing myself to be on high places even if I am afraid. My family and friends tried to help me to ‘get over it’ in this same way but none of them were successful; I have tried riding cable cars, crossing hanging bridges, and being on tall buildings, but still the fear remains. This, of course, only made me feel more stressed up with the problem.

Other than the fear of heights, I am also afraid of flying. I dislike when there is air turbulence as the airplane goes into thick clouds or heavy storms. I fear that the plane will crash at anytime. I'm okay, if the flight is smooth.

Sometimes, my phobias cause me to have nightmares. Often, I dream that someone is going to push me over the edge, and when I fall, I fall endlessly. I often wake up in cold sweat and trembling. Until today I still cannot overcome my fear of heights.

13. I write better than I talk:
When I write, my sentences flows smoothly like water. I could write long blog entries, essays, short stories... etc, with ease. :P

But when I talk, I usually can't think of what to say and how should I say it. All my words gets stuck in my throat. I will usually hesitate for a few seconds before speaking. This usually happens when I'm with new people and people who intimidate me.

14. I love anything with MENTHOL:
omg.. I almost forgot about this. How could I? uwarggh.

I used to (now its not that bad) have this crazy addiction on products that contains Menthol.

Here's a list of my possession:
- Ammeltz Yoko Yoko
- Gamat Balm
- Tiger Balm
- Minyak Mastika
- Vicks Inhaler
- Minyak Cap Kapak

I will make sure I bring all these when I travel back to my kampung. Coz 8 hours is a really long journey. Sniffing these 'menthol' stuff keeps me from feeling nauseous and eases my headaches.

Every night I used to apply Minyak Mastika religiously on my tummy and on my back before going to bed. It helps me sleep better. And if I have a sprained neck or back pain, Yoko Yoko is my best friend. Ehehe.

Sinus had always been a problem for me, and it usually attacks early morning. I will end up with stuffy nose by lunch time. So I will use Vicks Inhaler to help me breath better for the rest of the day.

15. I prefer Hands-free and I will bring everything everywhere I go:
Took me awhile to remember this.

I don't like to hold my stuff especially important ones such as purse, handphone, money, keys.. etc. I have a huge fear of losing my precious items. I will never forgive myself for being clumsy. So to avoid any mishaps, I prefer to put everything in my bag. So a bag is one of my essential item. But it cannot be just any bag. I dislike clutches/pouches, coz you have to hold it in your hands or 'kepit' under your armpit. I also dislike handbags, same concept of clutches, you either kepit or dangle your bag on your shoulder/arm. So I prefer using a messenger bag (aka sling bag) or a backpack (for travelling). I could move around, with my hand free to hold other things; shopping bags, food/drinks.. etc.

I bring everything
My family and friends has given me this nick name- 'tortoise', coz I never leave my house without a bag (backpack/sling bag/etc). This is a continuation of the 1st part of #15 - Hands-free and #5 - Paranoid.

I call my bag, my 'Doreamon Bag', coz.. inside there's everything and its bottomless. Being paranoid and as a Cancerian, we cancerian have the tendency to bring our 'home' everywhere we go.

In my 'Doreamon Bag', is all my stuff: my purse, handphone, keys, lots of tissues (I get easily irritated by dust/smoke), a small towel and socks (for prayer purposes), lip balm, Vicks inhaler, powder pack, blotting paper, a small notepad, a pencil, a pen, digital camera.. to name a few.

If I'm travelling elsewhere (more than 2 hours journey), I will bring along my whole 'Menthol' collection, scissors (I have no idea why), sweater, my pillow (obviously, this one doesn't fit in my bag).. etc. The list can go on and on. My bag will be filled to the brim. :D

If only I could just pack my whole house into my 'Doreamon Bag'.


Okay. Like always.. I tag anyone who reads my blog. But leave your link in the comments below (NOT in the shoutbox), so I could read your answer. ok? sila.. sila jawab.

oh.. okay.. i think I wanna tag my best friend, Serai la. I wanna know how you'll answer.



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