Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pet Peeve #2: Weighing Yourself In Public is Odd

I have a lot of pet peeves (refer link to know more) and I just realise I have one more. ehehehe.

This new pet peeves involves 2 couples (BF & GF.. not married) and a public weighing machine. the one u put coins in.. and it tells u ur weight (and sometimes even ur height). Whenever i go to shopping malls, i keep seeing young couples using the weighing machine. and to me it is so odd. why even weigh urself in public? don't u have ur own weighing machine at home?

ok.. now, why am i annoyed?

the reason is, i always see the GF on the machine and never the BF. i just see the BF holding the GF's waist. i think his doing that to make sure she doesn't fall off. or.. the BF 'pakse' his BF to weigh herself in public. coz i know, no FEMALE will ever weigh themselves in public! or even tell anyone their weight. coz a FEMALE's weight is suppose to be top secret. this is like insane. just seeing the BF's hand on the GF's waist has already made me nauseous.

i think this is how the story goes.
Two young couple is window shopping happily in a shopping mall. Suddenly, the BF sees a weighing machine not far from them.

BF : Hey. I think you should weigh yourself. I wanna know how much u weigh. (Hidden meaning: If u weigh more than 55 kg, I'm dumping u)

GF : Err.. okay.

So, the GF hops on the weighing scale, and inserts 20 cent coin into the coin slot. A few seconds later, the screen lit up and began calculating the girls weight. Ting!!

Machine: Your weight is 48 kg. Your height is 155 cm. Thank you!

BF : Phew.. thank God. I thought u weigh more than 60 kg. Ehehe...

GF : T_T

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