Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'll just let the comic do the talking. Muahaha..

Oh ya. I think I need to explain why Pika is running around the house half naked. Her mum (my sis) had just changed Pika's nappy. So usually, right after cleaning her up, she will run away from her mum coz she likes the freedom of not wearing any pampers. Hehe.

Usually if its me or my mum doing the nappy changing, we do it quickly, coz we know if we take our sweet time, Pika will be up to mischief. But in my sister's case, she likes to do things slow.

Unfortunately, my sis didn't close my door the last time she went into my room. So Pika happily went into my room. I wasn't aware Pika was pampers-less, coz she was wearing a big shirt which hid her 'u know what'. I was also busy doing my work at the time.

Suddenly, I heard a really long, " Ssshhhhhhhhh..".

I looked at my right, and saw yellowish liquid pouring out between Pika's legs. She peed in my room!! Erkk. Imagine the horror. o_O

Well, before she had already poo-ed right in front of the TV and that was on the carpet! Thank god the poo was solid. Muahahhaaha.



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