Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Oh My Glasses

Erm.. I was busy doing my work, when Pika came into my room. I let her play with my things. What i didn't notice.. Pika actually got a hold of my glasses! My one and only glasses! I placed it on my desk, and the next minute it was in Pika's hands!! Erkk.

And you know la what kids do when they get a hold of fragile stuff. Huhu. She bend the 'tangkai' of my glasses. So now.. my glasses is a tad loose. Its not snug as before. If I look down, my glasses will fall off my face. Arghh.. Pikaaaa!!!!

I know it can be fixed BUT I want new glasses!! Pika kene bayar. muahahaha. Pika kaye kan? every month I'm the one who transfers RM 50 from mummy's (ur grandma) bank account to your (Pika) bank account. u must have at less RM 2000 by now. :P

new frame cost about RM200+ only. can aa Pika..? >:)

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