Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bantal Busuk = Stinky Pillow ?

This happened yesterday when we arrived home after picking up Pika from the babysitters house. It was always my job to carry Pika out of the car and into the house. Usually, Pika will just blurt out gibberish or ends of a word (e.g. Patrick becomes Trick or Yick).

But that day, she said 2 full words perfectly, which was 'Bantal Busuk'. Well, she pronounced 'Bantal' as 'Bata' since my family is Kelantanese.. :P

Only me and my mum witness this, so everyone else was like.. "Uwargghh.. I can't believe I missed it!!".

Pika sounded so cute when she said those 2 little words. I was determine to make Pika repeat those words, so that at least she can repeat it in front of her mum, my bro and my dad. But to no avail. She kept looking at me and giving me this weird look. She must be wondering why was I saying 'Bantal Busuk' all day long to her.

Btw, the purple smiley thing that Pika is holding in the comic is 'Star' or 'Taa' (thats how Pika calls it). Star is Pika's 3rd bantal busuk, after Chicky and Gloria. Both Chicky and Gloria had 'passed away' a few months ago.

Her 4th bantal busuk, bought by her dad, is called 'Phoney'. Phoney doesn't mean its fake.. but I'm talking about hand-PHONE with a 'Y'.

Phoney is
- a beanie pillow which is rectangle in shape
- striking green in colour
- has buttons/keypads like the ones on hand phones
- have a pair of eyes and a wide smile

ehehe. I think I'll compile all Pika's previous and current bantal busuk & soft toys and draw it in my comics.

Below is her current collection.

Bantal Busuk
Total: 4
Alive and well: 2
Dead: 2

Soft toys
Total: 6 or more

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