Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mangosteen: Queen of fruits

Guess what? The mangosteen tree in our garden has finally gave birth to several baby mangosteens!! well this has been happening for the pass 2 weeks. sorry, only remembered to blog about it today.

ok, back to the purple fruit. its smaller that the typical fruit u buy from the supermarket. i think its about 3/4 of the typical size of a mangosteen. the colour of the fruit is not so purple.. its slightly greyish-purplish. but the taste is definitely sweet!

so the other day, i wanted to pick my own mangosteens. so out i went to observe the tree. i could see a few of the fruit that has turn purple and I tried to memorize where it is. I was thinking of how to pick them. Since the tree is so damn tall, i can't just hand-pick the fruits. so i went to the garden shack to find the tools which could help me. i saw a long wooden pole, erm.. this could be handy. but i couldn't get a grip of the branches, since its just a pole. i COULD try and whack the branches several times, and hopefully 1 or more mangosteen(s) might fall down. but that definitely won't work. :P

so i was back at the garden shack, to find another tool. i saw a RAKE! yess! that the one! i spotted the fruit that i wanted to 'pick' and with the rake, i pulled on 1 of the fruits gently. and YEAY it fell to the grown.. success!

since my dad had just picked some ripe ones earlier that morning, there were not many ripe ones left for me to pick. so i got only 3 miserable mangosteens. :P

my dad has just planted tomato seeds a few days ago, and hopefully will see some tomatoes soon!

in our garden, we currently have a few FRUIT trees, such as:
- rambutan (the red kind)
- jambu air (the pink ones!)
- jambu batu
- papaya
- banana
- salak
- mangosteen
- ciku
- avocado
- durian
- starfruit (mandul?)

all of them have bared fruits except for avocado, durian and starfruit. we are still waiting. huhu.

oh ya, i have a story about the starfruit tree. a few years ago (yes.. years), i was so happy when i saw a lot of tiny little starfruits beginning to emerge. and next day suddenly it RAINED so heavily! all the tiny starfruits couldn't stand the heavy rain, all of them.. just plop to the ground. the tree haven't bared any fruits ever since. :(

and these are some of the VEGGIE and HERB trees that we have.
- pandan
- lemongrass/serai
- sireh (useful when someone is getting married. clue: tepak sireh)
- lidah buaya
- tomato
- normal potato
- ubi keladi
- ubi keledek
- chili (i think this one is already dead)

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