Thursday, July 17, 2008

Games.. games and more games

I've been downloading a lot of games thru torrent this pass few weeks. Most of the games are food related games. I don't know why, but it excites me when playing games which involves food. Ehehe.

Here's a list of some of the games that I've played.

1. Food Related Games

Games that involves making/selling burgers
- Burger Rush
- Stand O Food, Stand O Food 2
- Burger Shop
- Burger Island

Games that involves cooking or preparing food
- Cooking Academy BETA and full
- Go-Go Gourmet
- Hell's Kitchen

Games that involves desserts
- Pastry Passion
- Ice Cream Mania
- Chocolatier, Chocolatier 2

Arcade/Action Games + Food Related
- Diner Dash 1, 2
- Wedding Dash 2
- First Class Flurry
- Coffee Rush
- Restaurant Rush BETA

Games involving Farms/Ranch
- Ranch Rush (i love this game!)

2. Non-Food Related Games

Puzzles or Word Games

- Picto Words
- The Amazing Brain Train

Arcade/Action Games + Non-Food Related
- Travel Agency


I didn't quite list all the games I've played. Maybe thru time, I'll add in the games. If you're interested to try the games I've played, you can download them here and here.

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