Saturday, June 28, 2008

Will you buy these?

ittle Trees (US) are disposable air fresheners in the shape of an abstract evergreen tree, marketed for use in cars. They are made of a material very similar to beer coasters and are produced in a variety of colours and scents. They are most commonly seen hanging from rear-view mirrors on front windscreens. These air fresheners were invented in 1952 in Watertown, NY by Swiss-born Canadian businessman Julius Sämann. ~ Wikipedia
Little Tree comes in many colours and scents. Can be used in cars, closets, rooms, etc. Usually they lasts about 3 months once open. Here are from the Little Tree original series, the one shaped like trees. :P

The one with asterisk, are those which I would choose to buy. Most of my favourite are food! Hahaha. Wish they had Bread and Butter Pudding scent. Yum Yum!

1) Designer Series Little Trees
- Black Platinum
- Gold Essence
- Silver Select

2) Black Little Trees
- Black Ice
- Victory Lane
- Kickin' Cool Soccer

3) Pink Little Trees
- Bubble Berry
- Pink Grapefruit
- Morning Fresh
- Cinna-Berry
- Rose Musk
- Watermelon*

4) Brown Little Trees
- Chocolate*

5) Purple Little Trees
- Lilac
- Berry Patch
- Lavender*

6) Orange Little Trees
- Silly Citrus
- Coconut*
- Orange Zest
- Sunny Citrus
- Spiced Pumpkin
- Peachy Peach

7) Green Little Trees
- Sour Apple
- Royal Pine
- Sparkling Breeze
- Sweet Pear
- Forest Fresh
- Green Apple
- Lime*
- Gold

8) Red Little Trees
- Peppermint
- Strawberry*
- Spice*
- Wild Cherry
- Cinnamon Apple*

9) Blue Little Trees
- New Car Scent*
- Sun-washed Cotton
- Ice Blue
- Bouquet
- Ocean Mist
- Summer Surf
- Powder*

10) Yellow Little Trees
- Very Vanilla*
- Banana Nut*
- Lively Lemon*
- Vanillaroma*
- Mango*
- Papaya
- Fruit Punch
- Jasmin*

11) Multi-coloured Little Trees
- Lemon Green Tea
- Leather
- Vanilla Pride*
- Pina Colada
- Strawberry Kiwi
- Rainbow Rush
- Crisp N Cool : No Smoking
- Mulberry Fig
- Blackberry Clove

Little tree are also available in other shapes such as; animals, characters, sports, retro symbols, flip flops and ribbons. You can view it all here.



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