Saturday, June 28, 2008

Darndest Things! (Part I)

The conversation below are true stories. It really happened! I'll be adding more, if there's more. Some conversation takes place between me and another individual, and others are what I overheard.


My Mum: Jgn lupe 'apply' Hotel utk Cik Jee tau?
Me: Huh? Apply?
My Mum: Yer. Apply. Ala apply utk hotel bile Auntie Jee dtg KL nnt. kan mummy suruh td..
Me: huhu. Apply.. Apply. Apply is like applying for a job. Booking la mummy.. booking!!. Takpon... 'wat reservation' ke. ok gak. ini 'apply'?? wahahhahaha.. *gelak guling-guling*
My Mum: -_-

Cats Vs Dogs

A: I don't like cats. I hate cats.
M: Why? But u like dogs, rite?
A: Dogs are mens best friend. I don't like cats, they look like they have a mind of their own.
M: Cats are smarter than dogs. That's why cats do whatever they want by their own free-will, but dogs just wait for us to scratch them, give them treats or ask them to sit or roll over.
A: I think, cats are just aliens wearing cat suits. They're here to take over the WORLD!!
M: What the... ?! Are you on drugs?

Aim your "shell"

This happen a few years ago, yes YEARS ago. I can still remember the exact words. Amazing!

It takes place in Chili's Bar & Grill (Suria KLCC) restroom. I overhead this conservation between a mum and her 5 year old daughter. :">

At the time, I was adjusting my 'tudung' while washing my hands. I just finished my meal. We just ate Buffalo wings.. Yummy! So I heard the whole thing. It was pretty awkward since, the mum was outside with me. I had to refrain myself from laughing. My big sis was doing her business in the next stall beside the lil' girl.

Mum: Mei Mei aa.. Don't sit on the toilet bowl. Toilet bowl.. dirty! Just pee standing up.
Lil' Kid: But maa... I don't know how?
Mum: Stand facing the door. Bend a little almost touching the seat.. but don't sit!And just aim your 'shell' backwards lor. Don't forget to flush hor.
Lil' Kid: Oooo.. okay. *proceed by following her mums instructions.. ehem*

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