Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wet Chicky

Remember Chicky? Click here and here to remind yourself what/who is Chicky.

FYI, Chicky used to be mine. But as soon as Pika laid eyes on Chicky, Pika has officially claimed Chicky as hers. Huhu. :P

Pika has a lot of other soft toys, new and old ones (from her mum's, auntie's and uncle's collection), but Pika only bonded with one particular soft toy. It is none other than Chicky. So there were times when Chicky was too dirty, it had to be washed. Pika could not sleep without Chicky by her side. She would normally point at Chicky if she saw Chicky hanging on the clothesline to be dried.

to be continued...

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