Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Ultimate Chocolate Milkshake

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I found an interesting recipe of Chocolate Milkshake here. I had most of the ingredients, so I thought I should give it try.

For the original recipe pls click here. As you see, at Poppalina's foodblog she states - 'lots of milk'. How much is lots?

Here's the recipe I used to make the Ultimate Chocolate Milkshake.

200 ml milk
3 scoops of ice cream
2 tspn of Milo
2 tspn of Nutella
2 tspn of Coco
2 tspn of chocolate flakes (optional)
2 tspn of sugar (optional)
2 tspnof cream (optional)
1 grape/cherry

I added all the ingredients (except those labeled 'optional') and blend until smooth. For ice cream - I used Paddlepop Rainbow. I wish I had Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream. The ice cream I used is sweet enough, I don't think the extra 2 tspn of sugar is necessary. At first, I didn't think there'll be any grapes in the fridge, but to my surprise there was a plate of grapes! Talk about good timing! :D

Try it yourself. It really yummilicious.

- i just realised that the grape wasn't supposed to be blended together with the rest of the ingredients. the creator of this recipe mentioned in here blog "...and don't forget the grape. It goes in last, for the amusement of others when it plugs up your straw without warning and gives you a brain aneurism."
- but even when blended, it actually gave a familiar Chocolate Milkshake taste that i wanted. i thot the grape was a secret ingredients. :))

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