Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chicky Version 2

Continuation of Wet Chicky.

I had suggested that we buy another 'Chicky' to replace Chicky when is Chicky is being washed. Not exactly the same one, but almost the same. Same texture, same beanie soft toy. I saw a few of these beanie soft toys at Carrefour. So out I went with my Mum in the search of the Chicky Version 2. We didn't go to Carrefour just for the sake of buying Pika's soft toy but we went there to buy a few groceries as well.

There were not many to choose from. There were only 1 beanie hippo and lots and lots of beanie flowers in striking colours. I was looking for something with a flat surface so that it could act as a pillow as well. So I guess buying the beanie flower would be a good choice. After a few minutes, I decided to choose a purple flower beanie. The rest were too pink, too orange, and too green. I didn't see any blue flowers though. Only the purple colour was acceptable; pleasing to the eyes, and the colour was not too striking.

Once we reached home, we showed it to Pika. Pika loved it! Hehe. But what should we call this purple flower beanie?

That night...

Me: Its a purple flower. So erm. How about Morning glory?
Mum: Morning glory? Don't u think its a tad long?
Me: Glory?
Sis: Aha.. Glory.. yes yes.
Me: Glory. Err.. Gloria Estefan. Glory is its nickname. Real name Gloria Estefan. How's that?
Sis & Mum: Agreed!! Wahahhaa..

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