Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Marilah Mengundi!

I swear to you that this really happened to me the last time I went to vote. Of coz they didn't say those things when I was in the voting room. But they did say those things when I was on the way to the voting room. Anyways it was pretty annoying at the time. Like they can change my mind on whom I'm going to vote. Bluwekkk :P

This will be my 2nd time voting. Hopefully I don't go to the wrong school like last time. My siblings and I thought we were going to vote at SMK Gombak Setia. We went there, and checked for our names. They told us to go to SRK Gombak Setia. Thank God it was just across the street. But it was still a really long walk, since we can't walk across the field. Huhu.

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