Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi Tea @ Cafe Serena, Nikko Hotel

Location: Cafe Serena, Nikko Hotel KL
Date: 9th Feb 2008
Event: CNY Family Reunion.. (konon!)

Actually, I was hoping to try the buffet at Biba's Cafe, Mandarin Oriental, since I've heard and read (from foodblogs) the buffet was among the best in KL. My sis had dined there a few weeks ago for her office annual dinner. She said the food was really good. But the price was too erm.. expensive. RM70+ for lunch buffet and RM90+ for dinner buffet. huhuhu.

So we opted to have buffet at Cafe Serena, Nikko Hotel, instead. Only RM58+ per person for Hi-Tea. All of us, including my sis in-law, excluding my bro in-law, went to the hi-tea. We'd dined there before (a couple of times), and looking at their food, they have improved tremendously. The food was variety and certainly yummy.

Without further ado, lets look at the pictures!

There were 2 types of soups served; Cream of Pumpkin soup and Oxtail soup. I opt for the creamy soup, and took 1 piece of soft bread with butter to eat with my soup. Slurpp!

After I finished my soup, it was time for appertiser! I was eyeing on the oysters since I stepped into the cafe. I took 1 of each seafood, including 1 odd looking err.. 'tube-like clam'. It comes in a tube like case. so the meat is long in shape. I've seen this before, but I don't know the name. my sis said it was geoduck. but i know how a geoduck looks like. this is not a geoduck. geoduck look like a giant clam but with the meat is protruding out, and erm.. it looks really porno-ish. hahaha. see photo below.

i purposely chose this photo coz this is the only picture
with a lady holding the geoduck. hahahaaha. >:)

the raw oyster, mussels and prawn was really fresh. The 'tube-like clam', taste like a normal lala. nothing fancy. it was pretty digusting when it squirt some juices when i bite into it. but it was not that bad. anyway, i think sarawakian eat this 'tube-like clam'.

i have no idea what's it called. ok, i googled and found out its name is Razor Clam. but I still i don't know its name in Malay. does anyone know? my razor clam it hidden under the juicy prawn (photo above geoduck). it looks something like the photo below.

this is a bigger version of razor clam. our m'sian version is smaller.

Next, the salad and sandwich bar. There were also an area for Yee Sang. I didn't take any, but i did taste some from my sis's plate.

Unfortunately there was no salmon in sight, but there was a smoked salmon bun!

It was jumping with joy when I knew there were Bakes Oyster with Cheese served in the buffet!! I chumped down 3 pieces of these delicious babies. Next to the baked oysters were Seafood Pizza. It was topped with squid and prawn. really yummy. i choose the one with the most cheese topping. muahaha. next to the pizza is a tandoori chicken in pita bread tortilla. Eaten with sour cream. Yummy! Next was a typical fried meehoon. wasn't the best. and last but not least on the plate was a couple of sushi's. The centre is the soy sauce for dipping the sushi.

my forth plate, i took my 3rd piece of baked oyster, 2nd piece of seafood pizza and 2nd piece of tandoori tortilla wrapped. I tried a tiny portion of pasta and nasi lemak. Oh ya. this reminds me. we were supposed to let the chef prepare the pasta. but i didn't want a big portion of pasta on my plate, so i took just a few pieces of pasta and gave it to the chef to heat them up in boiling water. we could actually add in other ingredient with the sauce but i didn't want to add anything to my pasta. so pasta + plain carbonara sauce. hahaha. as u can see all my plates, is nicely arranged. i didn't want a big portion of pasta to ruin the arrangment. :D

i took 1 donut from the bakery section. surprisingly, it was really soft and yummy. there were also muffins, croissants, cakes and breads. unfortunately, there were not a single cheese in sight. Tskk!

its dessert time! oh my, the dessert at Nikko Hotel has improved. The last time I went here, there weren't much desserts to eat. But now, they even have a chocolate fountain!! divine! For my 1st dessert, i combined my bread butter pudding with vanilla ice cream, topped them with some toppings from the ice cream section, and 'curik' a bit of chocolate sauce from the chocolate fountain. I was standing there for awhile, thinking on how to transfer the chocolate sauce (from the fountain) into my bowl. hahaha. i didn't want to ruin the chocolate fountain and get scolded by the staff(s). so i took a clean spoon which was supposed to be used for 'bubur', and took 1 scoop of chocolate sauce. the dessert spoon was too small. i didn't want to scoop 1-3 times, u know. it would be unhygienic for the chocolate fountain. the chocolate sauce harden on the ice cream due to the cold ice cream. wahh.

i also took one small cup of chocolate pudding. my family was surprised to see where i got the chocolate sauce from. hahah. so i told them, i got it from the chocolate fountain.

before plate #6, i took a couple of grapes, poked it on a stick and dipped in the chocolate fountain. I also took a cube of apple a dipped in the chocolate as well. didn't take a photo, as i re-use the same bowl.

the tartlets was really yummy. the scone was a bit dry. couldn't finish it. i took only 2 bites. it looked more like a chinese scone to me, and not a n english scone. most of the desserts didn't have any labels, so i just had to rely on my tastebuds to identify what it was. the apple pie was filled with apples cut into halves. so the pie was really thick, wasn't gooey like McD's apple pie. the tiramisu (i think), wasn't the typical tiramisu i've tasted. I think it was green tea tiramisu. from the colour.. it was kind of greenish. or was it pistachio tiramisu. there was a piece of pistachio on the cake.

I shared a plate of my sis dessert's as well. she took a slice of cheese cake, really cheesy and thick. i think i ate more than 2 tartlets, it was too good to resist. There were also lychee juice and bubur gandum served at the dessert section.

there was actually plate #7 but i forgot to snapped a photo of it. my 7th plate was a plate of fruits; plum, papaya, mandarin orange, and i 'kidnapped' one more raw oyster. haha. by that time, the lemon was gone, so i ate my oyster with chilli sauce.

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