Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Moments

As you can see I have this 'Happy' Nuffnang Ad on my blog. If you are good at writing or creating videos, be sure to take part in Happy Moments. You may win RM5K in cash!! All you need to do is write/post a video about your happy moments. All entries must be submitted by 31 March 2008. That means u have about a month to send in your 'happy entry' or create your 'happy video'. :P

To participate in Happy Moments, just click on the 'Happy' nuffnang add (on my blog).

BTW, I saw a 'Happy' sticker at a food store just now. And it says, "Semua orang ada pasangan / Everyone has a soulmate". Freaky stuff. I was just thinking about placing the "Soulmate" lyrics in my blog last night.. and BAM..! I saw this sticker. Is this a sign.. from God? uhukk.



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