Sunday, February 03, 2008

2008 Calendar

I'd finished designing the 2008 Calender a few weeks ago, and my dad had sent it to printing. my dad brought home the printed version of the calendar and.. it came out.. err.. really dark. Can't even see most of the photos. it was really really dark. As you can see from the above calendar, all the photos were looking fine. They were not dark. i can't believe my dad paid for it. arghh. most of us wasn't satisfied on the output, so we want to print a new calendar probably by next week. the printing was done poorly. i can't even see the dates on the calendar. what's the use, rite? they must have forgot to check the ink before printing. hmpphh!

Below is the 2007 Calendar. I didn't had many photos back then. I was thinking of placing photos of us according to our birthday's and other photos were placed based on public holidays. The 2007 Calendar came out pretty good. it came out exactly like below. uhukk.

March = Mummy
April = Mazran (bro), Attilla (sis in-law), baby pika (niece)
June = Ramiza (bro in-law)
July = Maleena (sis), Madihah ( me)
October = Daddy

April has the most babies. :P

FYI, these calendars are 4 feet by 3 feet in size.
Designed using Macromedia Fireworks, and composed in Microsoft Office Publisher.

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