Friday, December 07, 2007


Guys.. you know what? Today, a snack snake entered my house when my mum was out throwing out the trash. This will be the.. ermm.. i loss count. 8th time? 10th time? i'm not sure. This time its a really huge one! Black in colour.. 1 metre long.. and 3 inch in diameter!! Wahh.. thank god, baby pika wasn't at her usually place, if not the snack snake might have bitten her.

Note: I don't know why, but i keep typing 'snake' as 'snack'. Hmm. Am I hungry or what? :/

This is a conversation between me and my mum. A snake had entered our house and I can't even be serious for 1 second.

Mum: You know what happen today?!
Dieha: What happen?
Mum: U.L.A.R.E entered our house!!! (spelling it out)
Dieha: *scratched head*
Dieha: err.. U-laa-reh? hahahaa..
Mum: Eh.. U.L.A.R laa
Dieha: Hahahhaa...
Mum: Huhu.. -_-

Okay.. this reminds me of one particular incident. My parents was away for Umrah, so its just us 3 siblings at home. A snack snake entered our house (God knows how). This was a tiny one.. very thin but long type of snack snake. My bro had to chase it out of our house with a broom. But it took us awhile, since the snack snake wants to play hide-and-seek with us by hiding under the carpet.

Thats the closest I've been to a snake.
It was less than 1/2 a metre.
(huh! at last!! I can type snake correctly)

Another comic, on the way...

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