Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Matters Most Is How You See Yourself

This is an essay I wrote during my GTS at Internexia. We were given random photos and were supposed to write a short story based on the photos given. I got the one with a kitten looking at its reflection.


What Matters Most Is How You See Yourself
by Madihah MJ

One day, there lived a kitten named Mimi. She lived in a large house with her human owners along with her mother and five siblings. Mimi was a Scottish Fold cat; which was Scotland's only unique cat breed. This makes Mimi and her family quite rare and rather expensive.

Mimi was known as a very timid kitten. She was afraid of everything; afraid of the dark, afraid of heights, afraid of mice and she was even afraid of grass. Her timidness caused her to be bullied constantly by her older siblings. She seldom played outside the house with her siblings because of her fear of grass. She thought that grass was as prickly as needles and she might get hurt if she walked on it. Her mother always advised Mimi to be braver because her mother could not look after her forever.

The night before Christmas was a very chilly night. Mimi felt as if there was something strange in the air that night; but despite this feeling everyone at home seemed to be in a really jolly mood. Mimi nestled by the fireplace, nibbling quietly on a rather delicious fish bone. Meanwhile, her owner’s family hung strange, large, brightly coloured socks on the fireplace mantle. Mimi did not really know why they did that; she thought it was quite odd.

"Maybe the socks were wet and they were trying to dry them," Mimi said to herself. For her it did not really matter; she was more interested in her fish bone than the socks.

Soon after, the fire died out and everyone went to bed early. It was quiet in the house and it seemed as if no creatures were stirring, including the mice. Meanwhile, Mimi was eyeing a plate of cookies and a glass of milk that someone had accidentally left out on the table. Everyone in the house was finally sleeping soundly. Mimi soon fell asleep, forgetting about the cookies. She was sleeping snuggly by her family, curled up by the fireplace, when suddenly Mimi felt rather thirsty. Thus she woke up and went into the kitchen to have a drink. She went near the sink and licked the water which was dripping from the tap.

Suddenly, Mimi heard a noise on the roof. It was more like a clatter. Mimi jumped to her feet and went to check what caused the noise. The hair on her back stood up as she crept from the kitchen into the hall. She moved stealthily from the kitchen into the living room, and there by the tree, Mimi saw an odd man. He was really fat and dressed in all red, including a strange hat on his head. He had a white beard which was very hairy, and his nose to her, looked like a cherry. Mimi did not like seeing him there by the tree, and she wanted to protect her dear family. So, as Mimi began to hiss and growl to scare him away, that was when the man turned and looked at Mimi and he laughed at her. At that point he left the room. But, the strange thing was that he did not go through the door or window, like a normal burglar would have. However, he put a finger on his nose and up he went through the chimney. Mimi ran to the fireplace. She wanted to make sure the odd man was gone for good. Mimi heard him from up the chimney yelling names like Comet and Cupid. Mimi knew that she had scared him away. She knew this because she could hear him say "Merry Christmas y'all, and you gave a good fright!"

Well, Mimi thought she had done her job in protecting her family and she knew her family would be happy. Then, she went over to inspect the tree to make sure it was all right, but she noticed that there were a bunch of boxes under the tree wrapped in colorful paper that were not there before.

“They must have been his loot because his face was on some of the paper. I guess he must have dropped it all when I scared him away,” Mimi said to herself.

By then, her family was up to see what the disturbance was all about. She went to her mother and siblings and told them what had happened. “You must have been really proud of me chasing that dirty cat burglar away. I know he was a cat burglar because I heard our owner say Sandy Claws had been here, I mean, what else could he be with a name like that!” Mimi said proudly.

“Anyway, the bad thing was that he ate my cookies and milk. But, I guess I can forgive him because when he was escaping through the chimney he must have accidentally snagged his loot on one of those socks hanging there. Fortunately for me, he dropped one huge fresh fish and it got stuck in my sock,” Mimi went on.

It was the best night ever for Mimi. She was very proud that she had been a brave kitten since she scared the cat burglar away. Even her mother and siblings were proud of her. Since that day, her older siblings never bullied her again. Mimi was no longer afraid of the dark, heights, mice or grass, ever again. It turned out to be the happiest day Mimi had all year. Mimi grew up to become a fearless cat.

What worried Mimi though was she overheard someone said that Sandy Claws comes every year in the month of December. Mimi knew she would have to be on her guard, if she was going to catch the cat burglar when he tried to squeeze down the chimney again next year.

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